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Talking about hard things like burnout, trauma, and the loneliness epidemic we are living in are necessary. Dr. Jody has mastered an approach that makes these difficult topics easily accessible and inspirational through a unique combination of expertise and humor that is like no other professional in the mental health and organizational wellness space. Dr. Jody works closely with organizations to understand challenges and objectives, ensuring every keynote is a unique and impactful experience.

Dr. Jody Carrington

Loved by audiences around the world

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"We have never had this level of reaction before and one that translated immediately into real world action."
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"I cannot offer enough positive, glowing accolades for Jody’s message and manner.  Such a breath of fresh air.  She was the absolute highpoint of the conference."
- The Cooperators
"We can confidently say that she had the entire audience hanging on her every word. We have already received incredible feedback from across the organization and clear indications that Dr Jody’s messages have resonated with our staff. We appreciated her honest, real, and engaging discussion and we truly believe that this will translate into a profound moment for many people.”
- The CNOOC International
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"It was amazing. We have never seen such high participation in a Shell event in years. It really hit home for so many people, folks are still commenting on how much they enjoyed it!"
- Shell Corp
"Jody was beyond amazing.  For the first time ever, 100% of our participants rated her presentation a 10/10 in the feedback survey.  She makes you feel that you are the most important person in the room – acknowledging the challenges of today and offering a hope-filled way forward that empowers each person."
- Catholic Leadership Development Services Ontario
"It was an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Jody Carrington. During our pre-conference meeting Jody’s energy, enthusiasm and genuine desire to connect with the audience had me excited about her presentation. She was spot-on with her message. She was hilarious, empathetic and thought-provoking. We received so many positive comments about her being the best keynote in ages! She was a dream to work and I hope to work with her again in the future."
- Building Industry & Land Development Association Alberta

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