"Empathy is the antidote to burnout"

~ Dr. Jody Carrington

We need a new approach for how we lead humans today.
You can only lead the way you've been led, and so much has changed in just one generation. Those we lead, and those we serve, have never been this lonely. And we've also never had this level of access to each other. Most of us are continuing to play by a set of rules that was established for a world that no longer exists. Redefining what effective leadership looks like today will be the job of this generation. Our people have never needed to be acknowledged more than now, so that is where we need to start.

Our focus

Dr. Jody has insights and strategies that can set leaders apart and create the most integrated, innovatitve and healthy teams these days:

Empathy as antidote

Context is the prerequisite for empathy; empathy is the antidote to burnout. It will become increasingly difficult to lead effectively if the relationships are difficult to access with the people you are leading. Remote and hybrid workplaces need a new set of rules.

Your people first

Your teams matter more than the people you serve or the products you create. Understanding that to the core will set your organization light-years ahead of the rest.

Emotional management

Staying calm in times of distress and having the skills to repair relationships when conflict arises is the most important training investment you can make. This will not only create a healthier organization, but allow you to attract and retain top talent.

Frequently asked questions

Who should attend a leadership talk by Dr. Jody in my organzation?

Anyone can benefit from Dr. Jody's leadership talk. Whether you are a veteran employee or member of your association or just beginning your career, the leadership talk has relevant takeaways for all.

Why do leaders need to put themselves first?

To be clear - putting yourself first has very little to do with the rhetoric of self-care. What becomes most important is providing a set of strategies for leaders to get back to the best parts of themselves first. Then and only then can they lead others back to the best parts of them.

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