Performance Psychology

"The key to mental toughness is mental softness"

~ Dr. Jody Carrington

Mental toughness and agility is best achieved by creating an emotional language first.
Being at the top of our game these days is costing us greatly. We hold ourselves to often unrealistic expectations and 'go it alone' because we believe we need to or that it makes us seem stronger, but in reality we're simply not wired this way. The more intense the scenario the more support we need and yet the higher the stakes the more likely we are to act in isolation. What we've learned and now know to be true, is that mental toughness is most quickly arrived at through soft skills.

Our focus

In order to access things like innovation, creativity, and clarity, we require emotional regulation. Making it important to focus on:

Prioritizing relationships

Understanding of human neurobiology and the importance of relationships opens access to the best parts of ourselves.

Building emotional language

Incorporating an emotional language into work supports our ability to achieve optimal performance.

Rests and resets

Ensuring time for rest and resets is critical as this is often where new conversations and developments happen.

Frequently asked questions

Does Dr. Jody work with sports teams or just the coaches?

Dr. Jody typically works first with the coaches to understand core needs. Together, with the coaching staff, they design the best plan of action to have the greatest positive impact on the team.

Why is it neccessary for leaders to understand the psychology of performance?

The term mental toughness has been long admired in the work space and valued above things like "soft skills" or emotional understanding - this is not the way forward. It's become increasingly clear that more humanity we practice, the better the performance.

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