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Jody Holiday Box Launch
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APRIL 2, 2022

Just Jody.  Prepare your hearts for something new and special sweet ones. Tickets go on sale December 6.

We will bring all the inspiration, hope, and strategies you will need to step back into the classroom, braver than you’ve ever been.

This day is for all of you—police, fire, EMS, emergency dispatchers, prison guards, nurses, and physicians. We will talk trauma and burnout, resilience and recovery in a day like you’ve never seen, for people who do the work that few can imagine.

The Fourth Annual December Wellness Challenge is HERE!

Who’s up for a challenge?  Now before you say something like, “Jody. The last (fucking) thing I need in my life right now is MORE challenge,” let me clarify by saying that this 23-day challenge I’ve been patiently waiting to launch is all about joy, gratitude, mindfulness, and reconnection – and I

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Jody’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Who needs a little holiday kick start this year!? We’ve been in hibernation for so long that I almost forgot what it’s like to gather and celebrate. Think back to one year ago: Christmas 2020 was more or less cancelled and with safety restrictions in full-force, so many souls were alone for the holidays. Exhausted by the pandemic, our communities went into December cautiously on edge, instead

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I was always intrigued by relationships. And I thought for a long time that “helping people” meant fixing things. Slowly, along the way, I have learned that it is not about having the answer. It’s not about fixing. If you can connect, however, and truly understand someone’s story—that is where the power lies. In the relationship.

And then I became a mother to a son, followed by boy-girl twins. This is the one job where I really need to rely on this whole “believer” idea. I thought my story was going to read like a milk-and-cookies mom who never yelled or resorted to (extremely) excessive use of the iPad. Turns out, that’s not my story. Truth of the matter is: my kids make my world the brightest it has ever been, but I have also learned that I am a better spouse, a better Mom, and a better friend—better at the most important relationships—when I can find time to balance what I love to do almost as much. And that’s why I’m here. And, if it so happens that we’ve met, or get to meet, I look forward to your story and the lessons I’ll learn from you. And maybe those you might learn from me.

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Connection is a universal language and disconnection is the biggest problem we face today.

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Relationships are at the heart of it all, and can guide you towards answering the most important question on the planet: “Am I worth it?”

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Understanding the brain from a trauma perspective can change everything.

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Grief and trauma can make us feel like lost ships in a stormy sea, but we can help each other come out even stronger on the other side.