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(Trauma Integrated Education for Scools)

About the course

We remove silos, creating connections that are based on shared goals, high-standard training, and a common language—all invaluable during times of crisis, grief, and trauma.

But we know that your resources are scarce. We also know that concerns around mental health and violence in the classroom are continuing to increase. And, there is often a lack of consistency in the approach and resources to the mental health of students between school divisions, and sometimes even between schools in the same community.

After working with multiple school divisions across North America, we have developed an eight-week, interactive virtual course for K-12 Mental Health practitioners called Trauma Integrated Education for Schools (TIES).

Our course is proctored by a registered clinical psychologist and was created to provide a common language among school-based mental health teams that is trauma-informed, relationship-focused.

And to those of you who do this hard and holy work of shaping our next generations: thank you. We believe that any aspect of this model that may be incorporated into your practice will fundamentally change the culture not only in your school, but in your community. We are all going to get through this—we will just do it all so much easier if we stay connected. We look forward to our work together.

What you get:
Access to an online learning system that encourages discussion, relationship building, and open inquiry
8 robust content modules
2 “live” zoom sessions
A full-day clinical case review
Length of course:
Work at your own pace

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