kids running in hallway Jody Carrington

Feeling Seen

(Trauma Integrated Education for Scools)

About the course

What does it mean to feel seen? Feeling Seen is a profoundly universal desire. It’s what we all want from our people, to feel seen. But in a cold twist of irony, the people who need it, who we love the most, are the hardest to give it to.

Why is that? The vague answer for now: It’s because emotions are complex, and they are inherently intermingled into our backgrounds, our past relationships, our kids, our work, our lives. One thing is for certain: we are wired for connection; we are all more alike than we are different. But this world is more disconnected than it’s been.  

That is why I have created Feeling Seen: The Online Course

While watching, listening, and leaning in to what many of you have told me about this book and the stories that resonated, I wanted to create a space where you and I could really do “the work”, together.

I know how difficult it can be to access mental health resources and I also know how vulnerable it can to find the time to do said “work”. There are videos, resources and so much to learn. This course is for EVERYONE: everyone needs human connection and this course will help you with that.

What you get:
16 knowledgeable and inspirational modules
PDF and Video formats
Access to the course at anytime
List of Resources
Length of course:
Work at your own pace

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