Personal Growth

"You need to meet yourself before you can have empathy for yourself."

~ Dr. Jody Carrington

The most important relationship you will have in this lifetime is the one you have with yourself.
The healthiest among us are clear on one thing: if we're not okay, the people we love, lead, teach, and coach won't be either. It's time to go way beyond the "self-care" rhetoric because all the yoga and kale won't prepare us for a world that is quickly developing beyond human scale. We've never parented, educated, developed friendships, or tried to keep marriages together in a time where disconnecting from each other has become so easy and it is the greatest impediment to growth.

Our focus

To reconnect with yourself; your voice, your passion, your intuition, is a never-ending and essential journey we all must take in order to grow. To do so, we must prioritize:


You can't address what you don't acknowledge. All of the hardest parts of our stories - grief, trauma, marginalization - are necessary to identify and understand.

Feeling seen

Reconnecting with yourself and helping others feel seen, is the most powerful healing. We all have the capacity to support others through their hardest chapters. The most difficult thing is often allowing others to support us.

Reconnection and repair

The work often comes in recognizing this isn't an end game. Establishing a plan of reconnection to your people, a grounding back in your own body, and establishing some skills to repair when conflict busts it all apart is the simplest key to the healthiest among us.

Frequently asked questions

Why does it seem like so many of us are struggling these days?

Because we are - the data says so. The most important thing I've learned to date is that as humans, we are way more alike than we are different. Desptie the fact that we are neurophysiologically wired for connection, the hardest thing we will ever do is look at each other. And we've never had this many opportunities to look away. We need to create connections on purpose these days now, more than ever.

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