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Because we’re wired for connection, and we’re so much braver together.

TIES Training

The kids are not okay. We are facing a mental health crisis like never before. The solution, I think, comes in better equipping those who spend the most time with them: mental health clinicians and administrators in our schools.

I created a trauma-integrated training program just for you educators, and it’s an eight-week, virtual course we’ve called Trauma-Integrated Education for Schools (TIES): Training for Mental Health Practitioners and Administrators.

Our objective is to remove silos within schools and community programs and create a common language amongst those who are seeking to assess, treat, and support kids and their families who we serve and educate.

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How to Connect with Kids These Days

If you know a kid, work with a kid, or love a kid, you will find something inspiring and practical in this course. Dare I say game-changing.

This course was born from the hundreds of stories of kids, their families, and their support systems I was lucky to meet as I worked across Canada and the USA. Regardless of who I met or where I met them, the message was always the same: our kids are okay ONLY if those of us holding them are okay.

This course is for the parents and educators: our teachers, bus drivers, administrators, educational assistants, librarians, administrative assistants, and custodians. And anyone who leads, loves, and supports them. If that’s you, I am so grateful you are here.

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This course was created for all the heroes who do this brave work of helping people at their most vulnerable — those who do frontline work (paid or volunteer) and those who hold them. We’ll talk about how this job can affect a whole family — and remind each of you why you matter to our communities, and mostly to each other.

This course is about trauma, when and why it can be a big deal (and what to do about it). We’ll talk all about relationship and connection and timing. And we’ll wrap up this epic course with a plan to help each of you be better than you’ve ever been, and what the “next steps” in shifting culture might look like. I added a final module just for those of you with kids, to watch with them. It’s short and packed with some of the things that first responder families face that are unique, just to you.

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Teachers These Days

Teachers show up in different forms and in many chapters of a child’s life.

Teaching is literacy and numeracy but, most importantly, it’s showing up with your whole heart. It’s walking kids—and yourself—through the hardest conversations about trauma, loss, grief, racism, or violence. As we work to piece together our education system in the fallout from a global pandemic, the focus must be on the teachers. If the people in charge—those teachers—aren’t okay, the students don’t stand a chance.

This course is for those who need a place to land when they want to be reminded that, simply by the choice of their profession, they are a powerful force in shaping our world.

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This course is a roadmap for leaders, parents, and anyone who wants to learn how to better acknowledge and create relationships with people in their life so they can truly feel seen and thrive.

For anyone who wants to form deeper relationships with their partner or family, be a more effective leader, learn how to (finally) step into who you have always wanted to be, and do what really matters to you. Allowing yourself to see and be seen—and doing the same for those around you—is the single best action you can take to build true connections and make things better in work and life. When we are acknowledged, we can love and lead more authentically, enhance our mental and physical health, and develop resilience to ride out any bumps along the way.

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I completed the course 'How to Connect with Kids These Days' by Dr. Jody Carrington last December. I found the course incredibly useful and relevant to my career as a teacher. I was able to utilize the skills I learned both in and out of the classroom. Highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to (re)connect with the children in their life!


I took the Hello Hero online training and it was fantastic. Dr. Carrington is not only passionate and hilarious, but she is so knowledgeable and has the rare skill of being able to break these concepts down so it seems almost obvious and makes the skills you learn easy to apply. I appreciate her candor and how much she does to improve the field of trauma processing and brining to light the issues of PTSD/anxiety/depression.


I took the TIES training (formerly Reconnect) from February-April, and I can’t recommend it enough. As an educator, a mother, and behaviour teacher, the learning and support I received from this course will forever change my practice. As a case manager, it has changed my relationships with families and the staff at my school as we come together to support our kiddos.