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Dr. Jody talks social media burnout.

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With a 38 day quarantine, she learned first hand just how important community support is.

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Dr. Jody Carrington on the emotional strain of marking 1 year since COVID-19 hit Alberta.

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“When hard things happen we get scared, we get irritable,” Dr. Jody Carrington told CTV Morning Live Edmonton. And in times like these, Carrington says it’s okay to get mad with the world around us.

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With Dr. Jody Carrington.

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COVID-19 is creating a lot of stress. From health concerns to the slowing economy, physical distancing and school closures, many people are struggling. Dr. Jody Carrington has a recipe for dealing with the pandemic.

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With Dr. Jody Carrington.

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Psychologist Jody Carrington says connection is key to overcoming imposter syndrome. It’s even helped her when she’s doubted her abilities as a mother.

Global News Canada | Helping children mourn: ‘If you’re old enough to love, you’re old enough to grieve’

We were much better at supporting people in grief back in the “old days,” according child psychologist and author Jody Carrington. When there was a loss in the community, we packed up the kids and went where we were needed to offer food, music, love and support. And in times like these, Carrington says it’s okay to get mad with the world around us.