Kids These Days

A Gameplan for Reconnecting With Those We Teach, Lead & Love

The kids are the least of our worries. Seriously. If that sounds blasphemous in a book for concerned parents and educators (and anyone, really, who worries about “kids these days”), then I am so glad you’re here. If you own a kid, work with a kid, or love a kid, you will find something inspiring in these pages. Dare I say game-changing.

These words were born from the hundreds of stories of kids, their families, and their support systems I was lucky to meet as I worked across Canada and the USA. Regardless of who I met or where I met them, the message was always the same: our kids are okay ONLY if those of us holding them are okay.

During the developmental years, schools—and educators—are the most significant connection point to most every child on this continent. But are the educators okay? I believe that most of the great educators want to make a difference. Many tell me, however, that they are finding it more and more difficult “these days” to love what they do. I think it’s time we did a better job of looking after them. First. Plain and simple.

This book is for the educators: our teachers, bus drivers, administrators, educational assistants, librarians, administrative assistants, and custodians. And anyone who leads, loves, and supports them. If that’s you, I am so grateful you are here.

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What people are saying about Kids These Days

“I cried, I laughed, I related but most importantly I gained inspiration and motivation to push through the last half of this school year and into the years of my career yet to come. I couldn't put it down! Jody, thank you for sharing your words, I and so many others NEEDED this.”

Ashley N.

“Dr. Jody gives it to us straight. Loaded with researched backed facts, real life accounts and her own personal experience she teaches us the things we all ought to know. I’ve read this book once and am currently re-reading it. There’s so many sentences that just bam, mic drop, mind blown truth telling, earth shaking. In a connected world we all need to take a moment and read this. Re wire our way of thinking and build solid foundations for all the children in our lives. The game plan highlight reel were extremely beneficial to really get my wheels turning and summarizing all of the facts in the chapter.”

Lexi B.

“This is one of the best, most insightful books that a teacher can read. With the difficulties we are having with regulation in schools these days and the lack of success of behaviourism to solve our problems we need this book. If you’ve heard Jody speak you’ll recognize her in it and she has the perfect voice to talk about connecting as she is the ultimate connector with her big personality. You owe it to yourself to read this book! It is going to take the world by storm!”

Paul B.

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