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When you hire me to spend time with your people—in a workshop, a keynote, or a multi-day event—you get someone who has made it her mission to help all of us become more connected, more supported, and more inspired.

Whether you’re trying to motivate 10,000 teachers to Light Up before heading back into their classrooms, or help school administrators develop crisis response strategies, I will inspire and educate your audience, and leave them feeling seen and heard. If you are interested in learning more, I would love to hear from you.


Reconnection: Building a foundation of authentic relationships

Dr. Jody has inspired many to consider the capacity for reconnection as the foundation to every healthy, authentic relationship. We are not born with the ability to repair ruptures; we must learn how to do this as we build strong cultures. These relationships are the foundation of a successful company, team, or community. Dr. Jody is one of North America’s top psychologists, bringing a unique and often hilarious take on what it means to master the art of reconnection.

Leadership: Taking the wheel in complex times

As an entrepreneur, CEO, and clinical psychologist, Dr. Jody believes that every successful team must have the inherent ability to repair and reconnect if they ever hope to serve their clients well. Her leadership style promotes building healthy relationships among her employees to ensure synergy and a positive, dynamic workplace. By combining her expertise as a workplace leader and clinical psychologist, Dr. Jody will motivate other leaders to change their team-building approach from the inside out. 

Trauma: Reconnecting the disconnections

Dr. Jody reminds us that it’s never about what’s wrong with you; it’s about what has happened to you – and more importantly, how you make sense of it all.  As a former Civilian Member with the RMCP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and a clinical psychologist working with children and families managing significant trauma, Dr. Jody combines research and experience to highlight the importance of understanding trauma from a systems-level as the key to healthy, productive employees.  Her ability to explain the effects of trauma and the often-isolating costs of enduring difficult things will leave audiences inspired and with a clear direction forward on how to rebuild organizations and families. 

Reignite: Building resilience in the age of burnout

As we step back into the unfamiliar world post-pandemic, many organizations are understandably witnessing what burnout looks like. Emotional exhaustion, a lack of compassion, and an experience of futility have become common experiences for many teams.  Dr. Jody has begun walking hundreds of organizations through the process of reconnection to combat burnout and build mental resilience. She has created specific strategies to shift culture, bringing hilarity and truth while reigniting purpose and productivity with this game-changing talk. 

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