I believe in two things

First, I believe in the idea that you are exactly where you need to be. No matter how painful. No matter how wonderful. But wherever you are, you need to be there.

Second, I believe that we are wired to do hard things. More importantly, we are wired for connection and we were never meant to do this alone.

We’ve never been more disconnected that we are right now, making it harder than ever to determine if we really, truly matter in this world. By exploring the most recent research on attachment and emotional regulation, I share what’s most critical in, first, helping our children learn how to manage emotions and, later, what that looks like in our friendships, marriages, and most importantly, in ourselves.

Dr. Jody talks about everything from relationships and parenting to grief and loss. She covers complex topics like compassion fatigue, trauma, and how to lead in a world that feels disconnected.

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We are all just here, walking each other home. - Ram Dass

Official Bio

Dr. Jody Carrington is a renowned psychologist sought after for her expertise, energy and approach to helping people solve their most complex human-centred challenges. Jody focuses much of her work around reconnection – the key to healthy relationships and productive teams.  

A speaker, author, and leader of Carrington & Company, she uses all she has been taught in her twenty-year career as a psychologist to empower everyone she connects with. Jody has worked with kids, families, business leaders, first responders, teachers, farmers and has spoken in church basements and world-class stages; the message remains the same – our power lies in our ability to acknowledge each other first.  

Her approach is authentic, honest and often hilarious. She speaks passionately about resilience, mental health, leadership, burnout, grief and trauma – and how reconnection is the answer to so many of the root problems we face.  Her wildly popular book, Kids These Days, was published in 2019 and has sold 150,000 copies worldwide.  Jody’s message is as simple as it is complex: we are wired to do the hard things, but we were never meant to do any of this alone.  

With a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, work with major institutions and thriving clinical practice, she brings a depth of experience and insight that is unmatched in the industry. 

Jody lives in small-town Olds, Alberta, with her husband and three children (she had three kids in 2 years to test her own resilience) and leads the amazing team at Carrington & Company. 

She delivers her powerful message through humor, realism and from an extremely supportive perspective. As an educator, this is invaluable!


Her wit combined with her ability to motivate, validate and resonate are unparalleled. My team and myself felt honoured, privileged, renewed, fulfilled and heard after her visit. I would book Jody again in a heartbeat and realize how fortunate I am that I was able to experience her before she becomes world-stage famous.

Boys & Girls ClubNiagara

Amazing advice and a wonderful influencer! Great support system for educators and parents.

NicoleBlack Gold School Division