There's always something to look forward to.

something for you; something for those YOU love

STAYLIT reminds all of us—educators, parents, communities—that we are #BraverTogether. 

We will talk all things trauma, mental health, joy, and staying connected with our teachers and each other in our communities as we come together, braver than ever, and walk each other home.

MAY 8, 2021

Sisters, mothers, best friends, and daughters, or anyone who identifies this way—this day is for you.

We know that “brave” means doing something with your whole heart, especially when you can’t predict the outcome. In the mess of all the disconnect and uncertainty, we will be reminded that we’re never meant to do any of this alone, especially the things that require the biggest courage.

Tickets go on sale January 31st.

AUGUST 21, 2021​

If you’re a teacher, an educator, or a leader of children, any age or stage, this day is for you. You will meet some of the bravest souls I know to help you celebrate the holy work of education and talk all things trauma, loss, relationship, and most importantly, joy. 

We will bring all the inspiration, hope, and strategies you will need to step back into the classroom, braver than you’ve ever been.

Tickets go on sale May 9th.

NOVEMBER 5, 2021​

HELLO HERO! This day is for all of you—police, fire, EMS, emergency dispatchers, prison guards, nurses, and physicians. We will talk trauma and burnout, resilience and recovery in a day like you’ve never seen, for people who do the work that few can imagine.

Tickets go on sale August 22nd.

HERE'S a teaser from #Relit2020

I couldn’t be more excited about these! 🖤 drjodycarrington is such an inspirational woman and I’m so proud to be partnered with her making these camp mugs! Make sure to pop over to her website to grab yours ASAP! 🙌🏻 Her message to this world is beautiful, I’m truly honoured! {plus she told me I’m fucking awesome, I’ll take it!}


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This vibrant, beautiful soul is none other than drjodycarrington !!
She is a well known Canadian psychologist driven to help build stronger communities by helping us create meaningful CONNECTED and
RE-CONNECTED relationships. I highly recommend checking out the drjodycarrington Insta feed to learn more.
#drjodycarrington #wiredtodohardthings #reconnectionrevolution #relit2020 #bringyourbrave #yegphotographer #yegphotography #capturingauthenticity

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Stop and take a moment to appreciate how BRAVE you are !!
Yes YOU.
All the times you have stepped up to the unknown & faced it head on.

Nobody could predict the outcome of this pandemic or 2020 for that matter.

Yet teachers you have been brave to find news ways to connect with your students & continue to provide quality learning experiences,
even when you are unsure if you’ll succeed.

Keep believing in yourself,
keep being brave.

📸Thank you drjodycarrington for your powerful words of wisdom which inspire our educators to #BringYourBrave & be #ReLit to do this hard work.

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I can now say these words OUT LOUD and truly believe them. Unfortunately, I didn’t always feel this way. To be completely honest, I didn’t talk about my profession openly or passionately in the past. For over 10 years I felt as though I had to deflect conversations about teaching for fear of confrontation or disagreement. I was so invested in my students, the relationships I held with them and their learning that I didn’t ever want it to come under fire. I didn’t want to have to defend myself or the profession I loved.

That sounds absurd I know, yet I can recall countless situations where people spoke of teachers in a negative light directly to me. Where others judged my profession, made rude comments about our large amounts of holidays and voiced opinions that were far opposite from my own.

The problem was, I rarely spoke up. The people pleaser in me kept quiet. I would make some light hearted comment to make others feel comfortable, as if I was in agreement or something. This left an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach every single time.

That is on me. Those conversations and occurrences still play in my mind because they hurt my heart. However, I am re-writing my story and changing the way I show up for myself and for other educators.

I will never again play small about my passion for teaching. I won’t hide behind the work that I do. I will be true to myself and stand proud.

I am a teacher. I am a school administrator. I am proud of the work we do as educators.

Today, I BRING MY BRAVE alongside all of you! 🌟


#teacherflair #proudteacher #bringyourbrave #relit #RELIT2020 #teacher #passion #purpose #teaching #education #iloveteachers #iteachtoo #schooladministrator #weareteachers #teachergram #teacherlife #proud #teachercommunity

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🤩 Watching RELIT 2020 to prep mentally for this school year! #relit2020 #drjodycarrington #braveeducator #albertateacher #summerpd #ruralteacherbecomescity #elementaryteacher #remotelearning2020 #educatorsofinstagram #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #bringyourbrave ...

24 1 is one half of The Allen Collective and yesterday he K I L L E D it (pun intended)!

For anyone here that doesn’t know this guy, Jeremy is a licensed funeral director/embalmer, Co-owner of Gregory’s Funeral Home, and grief + loss expert. The Allen Collective’s CEO (Chief Emotional Officer).

This guy had the opportunity to join drjodycarrington for #relit2020 and he helped educators from all over acknowledge their own loss before welcoming students back into their classrooms over the next few weeks. “Where loss lives, grief will follow.”

This man is shaking shit up and holding us all while he does it. He is a beacon for most on their hardest days and a soft place to land for his nearest + dearest.

Proud doesn’t even cut it.

I can’t believe I have a front row seat to something so special.

xo, B.

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We’re you a part of Relit yesterday? I can only imagine drjodycarrington got all the teachers revved up for back to school! 🖤

Make sure to pop onto her website and grab some swag! Yet again, I was so honoured to create a stainless steel camp mug for this event! 🙌🏻 #fangirlmoment


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Excited for tomorrow! So many amazing speakers #relit2020 #bringyourbrave .
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drjodycarrington SAID 👏🏼 MY 👏🏼 NAME 👏🏼 #relit #relit2020 #BringYourBrave ...

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Really looking forward to what tomorrow will bring! 💖
#bringyourbrave #drjodycarrington #relit2020

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Create space for the tough stuff too and you’ll be much more likely to see the magic that is going to unfold within this uncertainty!

Unwinding after a day that changed lives, including mine. Grateful for the gift of opportunity to speak on the virtual stage with game changing humans bringing so many lights of perspective and knowledge.

Just like you, I don’t know what comes next, but I couldn’t be more confident that we are all in this together. Just like Ram Dass says, “We’re all just walking each other home.”


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Packed this important reminder for next week 💭 Right now I am feeling so excited to meet my new students and families, and keep on working with my amazing colleagues! 💕

For my notes from the Bring Your Brave conference, check out the link in my bio. 💻

#BringYourBrave #drjodycarrington #relit2020

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⁣I’m woke up in Regina💚today and I cannot tell you how excited🤗 I am. This afternoon, I got the honour of standing in front of 2000 educators in this little city where I spent so much of my formative years. I was keynoting the Regina Teacher’s convention. I have Marti and Dale with me on this trip that’ll see us in Saskatoon and Frontier before we make our way home 🏡 .
There is something about this province. They have embraced us and this work with so much love💕. We might even have to bring ✨ReLit✨here next summer☀️, hey?! Today, I cannot wait to bring it. All the fire🔥. All the passion⚡️. I’m fixing to remind these amazing souls just how incredibly important they are in the tapestries of our children’s lives. Stay tuned sweet ones. It’s going to be THE best day! xo #reconnectionrevolution #drjodycarrington #relit2020 #staylit

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This week's #blog post is about #relit2020 & features #sketchnotes with thoughts from these brilliant people:

✨ drjodycarrington
✨ readlikearockstar
✨ apron_education
✨ mrsmacskinders
✨ mrdtimes3
✨ thelipscombe

#linkinbio 💻

So looking forward to #StayLit2021! 💖

#BringYourBrave #teacherblog #edu #education #backtoschool #drjodycarrington

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Thanks to #relit2020 and the #bringyourbrave team for having me to #graphicrecord the amazing talks at this year's virtual conference 🧡💛 ...

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Today I am getting back into the groove with the help of drjodycarrington and her team. They are sharing their ways to #bringyourbrave into our schools and classrooms this year. This is going to be a year of new. The way we teach, the way we connect, the way we include will be different, but we are teachers and that is what we do. We can do it differently. We can do hard things and this year will be hard. But it will also be amazing. #relit2020 #reconnectionrevolution #backtoschool #carryonbravely ...

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It’s time to BRING. YOUR. BRAVE.
So excited for #relit2020
This Saturday morning it’s time to refill my teacher cup! Ready to hear drjodycarrington words of encouragement! The start of this school year has been A LOT and I need to keep the momentum going!
#relit2020 #bringyourbrave #teachersofinstagram #teacherwellbeing #teacherselfcare #fillyourcup #yourworthit

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Have you guys heard about this good doc who goes by the name of drjodycarrington ?

Well, with the help of her amazing team, they are hosting this little thing that is actually a huge thing, called ReLit 2020. I don’t want to spoil it for you but I dropped some magic onto digital film with the help of the amazingly talented team at creativehiveyeg and I am really fricken excited to have been invited to participate in this event.

This year has taught me so much. It turns out that loving all over grief and loss isn’t as weird as I thought it was, we just had to learn how to talk to one another about it!

If you or someone you love lives in the world of education, without a doubt it my mind, this day is for you!

Check out the link in my bio for more information.


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Oh what a day!!!! drjodycarrington with all the energy, positivity and kick assness hung out with us creativehiveyeg for video stuffs, photo stuffs and other stuffs which we are all excited for. You can get tickets to #relit2020 in our bio and #bringyourbrave Today bellamaasboutique brought fun looks & tbolinskicreative was behind the camera. Good stuff!!! #yegsmallbusiness #yegsmallbiz #yegteachers #yeginspire #yeg ...

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✨Got to play “personal makeup artist” for a day!!! It was so fun chasing Jod around to floof up her hair, touch up her lips and all the things!!! THANK YOU drjodycarrington for having me! I enjoyed every second of watching you own that stage... and was amazed by the whole production creativehiveyeg and your entire team!!! Those girls don’t mess around!! So proud of you, and all you’re doing friend!! Love youuuu!!! ✨ ...

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Posted withregram • drjodycarrington Emotional hang-overs are tough. 😑 You know? Here’s the cure for me today: the replay of RELIT! 2020 is now available for every single one of you sweet souls who brought your brave with us and purchased tickets! 💥 All of you glorious ticket holders should have received an email with guidance on how to access the RELIT! replay, and if you run into any issues, we are here to walk you through them. 💕

Our amazing 🙏❤️ creativehiveyeg crew have been awake for 48 hours (I swear!) navigating this rookie first attempt at online streaming, and let me tell you, we have all learned SO much, and will only be better (who can relate to technical difficulties these days!?). 🙋‍♀️ Sometimes adversity can bring a team together like nothing else - and riding the waves of emotion that RELIT! 2020 brought, has reminded me just how committed these souls are to this community, and this message. ✨I can’t even imagine what that’ll mean for STAYLIT 2021! (the next technical issue we are continuing to tackle today!).🙄

Hold on tight to your crew today - the ones who stick with you when the going gets tough. Tell them today how much they matter. That simple, but crucial, act of acknowledgement changes everything. Know that we are #bravertogether. 💞

#DrJodyCarrington #ReconnectionRevolution #RELIT2020 #STAYLIT2021 #BraverTogether #communitylove #educationispower #supporteachother #allweneediseachother #gratefuleveryday #smallbizlove

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They say it’s your birthday. It’s my birthday too, yeah! 🎉🎉 🎈Forty. Friggin. Five.🎈 Hard to believe, right!? 😉 If I’ve learned anything in my 45 years, it’s this: these few trips around the sun leave no time for playing small.

There is something about all of the emotion that is rolling into the start of this particular year (like a tidal wave) that has left me waking up today feeling, well, ready. It feels like a sacred day. ✨ There’s so much more to learn, so much more to give, so much more to bravely lean into. It is time.

Are you with me?? The plan: to approach this very next trip around the sun wide open and full of integrity. 🚀 Full throttle. Whatever it is. No matter how significant. Lean in and put your ass into it. 🍑Your whole ass.🍑 We need all of you. And I’m so glad you’re here to celebrate with me.

So, on that note... Let’s GIVEAWAY some things to celebrate, shall we!? And let’s not play small. Today, on my birthday, I want to give away ✌️ Very VIP tickets to RELIT!!! May I remind you, these VIP tickets include:
💥Full access to the Live event
💥Access to rewatch content for 96 hours
💥PDF digital summaries from ALL speakers
💥15% off the Dr. Jody Shop
💥Kick-ass box of exclusive ReLit 2020 swag
💥An interactive, ONE HOUR live question and answer “Happy Hour” with me, Mr.D, and Mrs. Mac post the event!!! How to enter:

1. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
2. Head to my stories to screenshot the RELIT graphic
3. Re-share to your story and tell us why you're going to #RELIT2020
4. Make sure to tag @drjodycarrington and use #BringYourBrave
5. Tag who's getting the second ticket in the comments below!
**Contest closes at midnight**
Giving the gift of RELIT to you, sweet souls, might just be the best birthday gift this girl could ask for. 💕 I am so glad you're here. xo —CONTEST CLOSED—

#DrJodyCarrington #ReconnectionRevolution #RELIT2020 #BringYourBrave #Birthday #Giveaway

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You know when you meet good humans doing great things???? We are beyond thrilled with have drjodycarrington at The Hive for Relit 2020. It’s for teachers...educators and it’s a kick-ass inspirational, motivational and transformational event!!! Tickets available in our bio. #bringyourbrave #relit2020 #drjodycarrington #yegevents #yegcoworking #yegsmallbusiness ...

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Posted withregram • drjodycarrington Emotional hang-overs are tough. 😑 You know? Here’s the cure for me today: the replay of RELIT! 2020 is now available for every single one of you sweet souls who brought your brave with us and purchased tickets! 💥 All of you glorious ticket holders should have received an email with guidance on how to access the RELIT! replay, and if you run into any issues, we are here to walk you through them. 💕

Our amazing 🙏❤️ creativehiveyeg crew have been awake for 48 hours (I swear!) navigating this rookie first attempt at online streaming, and let me tell you, we have all learned SO much, and will only be better (who can relate to technical difficulties these days!?). 🙋‍♀️ Sometimes adversity can bring a team together like nothing else - and riding the waves of emotion that RELIT! 2020 brought, has reminded me just how committed these souls are to this community, and this message. ✨I can’t even imagine what that’ll mean for STAYLIT 2021! (the next technical issue we are continuing to tackle today!).🙄

Hold on tight to your crew today - the ones who stick with you when the going gets tough. Tell them today how much they matter. That simple, but crucial, act of acknowledgement changes everything. Know that we are #bravertogether. 💞

#DrJodyCarrington #ReconnectionRevolution #RELIT2020 #STAYLIT2021 #BraverTogether #communitylove #educationispower #supporteachother #allweneediseachother #gratefuleveryday #smallbizlove

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Spent this Saturday listening to some amazing educators, getting fired up for a new school year! #relit2020


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I believe in a high quality meat tray. #chacuterieboard #relit2020 #bringyourbrave ...

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Well, friends. It's ⚡Wired Wednesday⚡ and I happen to be feeling rather frisky! 😻 Who's with me!? Today I have the absolute pleasure of making my way back to The Creative Hive to shoot content for the life changing day that will be RELIT! 2020. I can't EVEN begin to describe my excitement for how this full day of online learning is coming together.💥 If you're new here, you should know that I am a big fan of educators, and this virtual event on August 22nd is designed to inspire, uplift and celebrate them, all wrapped up with a little kick-ass humour to prepare them to step into one of the most important years in educator history. I want these heroes to know just how grateful we are for what they do every single day. 🙏💕 If they're ok, our kids will be better than they've ever been.

So, on that note... know an educator or a parent who needs a midweek GIVEAWAY pick-me-up!? I want to gift ✌️ of you sweet souls out there Rockstar Status tickets to #RELIT2020!!! I'm talking full access to the live event, access to rewatch the content for 72 hours post event, digital PDF summaries from all of the speakers, and a code for 15% off the DrJodyShop! 🎁

Here's what you've got to do:

1. Double tap this post and tag who you would like to bring with you in the comments below 👇
2. Make sure you are both social followers in our community (we are pretty awesome)
3. Subscribe to our email newsletter at

We have a short turn-around time team, so tag your RELIT! buddy as you read this! I'll announce the winners this afternoon--Live from the Hive!

I am beyond proud of our ⭐ rockstar speaker lineup, and know without a doubt that the content they'll deliver will fill you with inspiration, change your perspectives and send you back to the classroom braver than ever. I can't wait to share the magic with you. xo ——-CONTEST CLOSED———

#DrJodyCarrington #ReconnectionRevolution #RELIT2020 #BringYourBrave #Giveaway #TeacherAppreciation #Educator #Love

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#BRINGYOURBRAVE 💥 And step back into the classroom ready to change the face of education.

Sweet Mother of the Lord, in a few days, I’ll be waking up in Edmonton, getting ready to bring all the things brave, and praying to that same Sweet Mother that our first attempt at a virtual event for thousands of educators won't crash some server somewhere and break the internet.💣 Regardless, I’m sure it’ll be worth the price of admission. 😜

Most of our team will gather, within restrictions, at the @creativehiveyeg on August 22, to bring our heart and soul. ♥️ @thelipscombe and I, along with a live DJ @mikeydubzjr (yeah - you read that right - a freakin DJ) and an incredible lineup of speakers, will do our very best to make you feel like the rockstar that you are, all from the comfort of your own home. ✨

Start practicing your dance moves, and prepare your hearts for strategy, inspiration and joy. Get your tickets now! We’d love to have you. xo 💕

#RELIT2020 #BringYourBrave #ReconnectionRevolution #educators #teacherappreciation #teacherselfcare #virtualevent #educationmatters #stepbackin #mentalhealthadvocacy #abed #parentingsupport #educators

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✨ Do you ever feel like you’re hiding your light? ✨

Stashing away your magic because it might be controversial? Too loud? Insignificant? Maybe your truth might make people uncomfortable? It’s often safer in the quiet, that’s for certain. 🤫Flying under the radar means there’s less risk. And sometimes, it is necessary.

If the past couple months have taught me anything, however, it’s that silence forever offers little chance for freedom. For vindication. For understanding and empathy. 💕 For shifts in culture. Silence offers little hope to love bigger, deeper, more wholly. If you’re a newcomer, you might not be aware that our word here at the Carrington camp for 2020 is “brave”. 💪 Our definition? Stepping into something, with your whole heart, when you can’t predict the outcome.
Believe me when I say, we need you. We need you to play as big as you can muster right now.

Grace, kindness, compassion, empathy - we will take ‘em all. 🎇 Shine that light (even a spark is brilliant in dark spaces). Spread that magic of yours, however it may look on you. Whatever you’ve got today is right on time, and just what we need. You, just as you are, is more than enough. Xo

PS: We’ve been shooting content all week for #RELIT2020 and I can’t friggin WAIT to share it with you!! #BringYourBrave friends. I know we are. 😍

#reconnectionrevolution #BringYourBrave #RELIT2020 #shine

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Have you unpacked the happy crappies? Jeremy Allen from during #relit2020 talked about the importance of taking a second to grieve when we experience loss...and when it comes to teachers we are experiencing loss. Some of us are experiencing the loss of seeing our students, the loss of the way our jobs used to be. Some are dealing with unspoken loss in ways that we will never know. The important thing is that we take time to recognize the crappy things that happen! It’s ok to not walk around like everything is rainbows 🌈 and unicorns 🦄’s ok to be annoyed, upset and frustrated. It’s ok to talk about the crappiest part of the day (because frankly there’s been A LOT of crap 💩) However, there is good, but we can’t possibly get to the good stuff until we unpack the crap!

drjodycarrington thank you again for an amazing conference!
#unpacking #lifecansucksometimes #itsokaynottobeokay #wewillgetthroughthis #wecandohardthings #teacherlife #teachersofinstagram #teacherselfcare #teachersofig #teachersofcovid19 #teacherproblems

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This girl, right here, is the walking definition of connection, kindness, and positivity. ✨💕 Laurie McIntosh and I met when she became my first (ever) Twitter follower. She believed so profoundly in the words I was speaking that we spent a lot of time talking in the early days about what it was really like in the trenches of education. And she’s taught me a lot. 🙏 She’s got many years as an elementary school teacher on her resume, as both an EA and a teacher. ✏️🍎 She’s been on Ellen. Twice. She owns three personal children. And she knows, respects, and is admired by many of the great educators in the business of changing other people’s children’s lives.

We are co-authoring a book called 📖 Teachers These Days, AND we will share the stage at Relit 2020!! I promise you, we will bring our brave. In fact, I get to spend the whole day with this amazing soul tomorrow as we head to The Creative Hive to tape our session for #RELIT2020. Stay tuned on stories 🤳 for all the shenanigans (and brilliance) that this woman always brings. She is a leader to be followed on the social front(s), if you aren't already, I can’t wait for you to discover her magic. xo

#DrJodyCarrington #ReconnectionRevolution #RELIT2020 #BringYourBrave #TeacherLove #Educators #VirtualConference #PersonalGrowth

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Marti and I are home 🏠 today from the most amazing Saskatchewan 💚 road trip. The response by Saskatchetonians has honestly blown me away. We were honoured to take the stage at the Regina Teachers Convention 👩🏼‍🏫👨🏽‍🏫, did a sold-out show in Saskatoon, stopped in Climax (because who would miss that!?)😉, and ended our tour on a beautiful evening event in Frontier. We met some amazing souls💕 and reconnected with people who had seen us before. It was magic ✨for this girl’s soul. And reconfirmed that a reconnection revolution is necessary. We also announced our plans for a three-city ReLit Tour in August 2020! ⠀

Our first stop - REGINA! On August 15, at the Conexus Art Center, we will host 500 educators to inspire and light-up before they step back into the classroom. Marti took this picture of me on the stage when we stopped in to view the venue. I was dreaming💭, and thinking about how the last time I was on that very stage, I was walking across it to receive my PhD👩🏼‍🎓. Oh the places we’ve been. Oh the places we’ll go….⠀
Hold on tight Regina - this event is going to be epic. Early bird pricing is open NOW! ⠀
Stay tuned for the other two cities in our ReLit Tour coming SOON! xo ❤️

🌟RELIT2020🌟: Link in Bio

#staylit #relit2020 #reconnectionrevolution #sundaylive #regina #reginasask #reginasaskatchewan #saskatchewan

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For all my educator friends out there today. ✏️📚 Quick pulse-check: how are your hearts? ❤️ Every single one of you amazing creatures are connected to our babies, and the story of their lives. You spend ample time with them. You make an impact. Your work has meaning. It may not always feel like it, but we see you. 🙏💕 And we see the heavy load that rides on your shoulders.
As we start to plan for RELIT, my heart overflows with gratitude for our sweet educators. 😍 We are crazy amounts of grateful for what they do. Every. Single. Day. If they’re okay, our kids will be better than they’ve ever been.

Speaking of RELIT... Who's been before!? 🙋 Comment below if you've experienced the magic. I'd love to know what your favourite part was, and why you might recommend it to someone else. xo

#DrJodyCarrington #ReconnectionRevolution #RELIT2020 #BringYourBrave #gratitude #educators #teacherlove

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Virtual RELIT 2020! 💥 Can you even?! This year’s #RELIT2020 is going to be amazing, and (almost) every bit as good as a real life event. Mark it on your calendars: AUGUST 22! 🎟️ Tickets go on sale THIS FRIDAY!!! 🎉

Here’s the exciting deal: 👇

RELIT 2020 consists of Yours Truly, @mrdtimes3 @mrsmacskinders and AND, after meeting two of the biggest powerhouses in the world of cultural bias and awareness in the classroom, when we shared the stage at Get Your Virtual Teach On, I am thrilled to announce that LaNesha Tabb (@apron_education ) and Naomi O’Brien (@readlikearockstar) will be with us on the virtual stage!!!!! Seriously - in one session they changed my life with their insight and I can’t wait for you to learn from them too. 🙏❤️ And no big deal, but the incredible Heather Beaver will start our day with the sacred words of the land acknowledgement, followed by the one and only @carriedollconsulting our Emcee! 🎤

And 🥁 drumroll...the theme: #BringYourBrave. The goal: for educators to step into classrooms this fall braver, with lighter hearts and open minds. ✏️🍎💕 The team has been working hard, and we’re SO ready to bring our brave, dive into something new and deliver some quality content to a screen near you. 🖥️ Nothing will ever replace face-to-face connection, but we’re going to get as close as damn possible!

We're offering three different ticket types, and all details will be available FRIDAY on ticket launch day. I cannot WAIT to share this event with you, sweet ones. xo

#DrJodyCarrington #ReconnectionRevolution #ReLit2020 #BringYourBrave #Educator #Gamechanger #Virtualconference

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Feeling like I need to bring some brave to the table. I’m loving this #relit2020 swag/shirt and the reminder it brings me - to step into the unknown with an expectant heart. #principallife ...

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Posted withregram • kyrieherman Watching drjodycarrington speak this morning #relit #relit2020 #BringYourBrave

Thinking of the educators that shape of kiddos of today. My heart is with you today! ♥️

nikkiole22 capezionk platplat22 mrs_nikkitaylor mmemckeever mme.inglis alliplamo avmcmullen rachsiderius davies4604 caity.g katiedeboer02 memamamo and there are so many more out there!!!

#teachers #educators

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Emotional hang-overs are tough. 😑 You know? Here’s the cure for me today: the replay of RELIT! 2020 is now available for every single one of you sweet souls who brought your brave with us and purchased tickets! 💥 All of you glorious ticket holders should have received an email with guidance on how to access the RELIT! replay, and if you run into any issues, we are here to walk you through them. 💕

Our amazing 🙏❤️ @creativehiveyeg crew have been awake for 48 hours (I swear!) navigating this rookie first attempt at online streaming, and let me tell you, we have all learned SO much, and will only be better (who can relate to technical difficulties these days!?). 🙋‍♀️ Sometimes adversity can bring a team together like nothing else - and riding the waves of emotion that RELIT! 2020 brought, has reminded me just how committed these souls are to this community, and this message. ✨I can’t even imagine what that’ll mean for STAYLIT 2021! (the next technical issue we are continuing to tackle today!).🙄

Hold on tight to your crew today - the ones who stick with you when the going gets tough. Tell them today how much they matter. That simple, but crucial, act of acknowledgement changes everything. Know that we are #bravertogether. 💞

#DrJodyCarrington #ReconnectionRevolution #RELIT2020 #STAYLIT2021 #BraverTogether #communitylove #educationispower #supporteachother #allweneediseachother #gratefuleveryday #smallbizlove

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Monday!! And we’re full of fire over here. 🔥 Who’s with me!? Last night on Live we talked all things Teacher’s These Days. We talked about how @mrsmacskinders and I want to write a book FOR teachers, BY teachers. And we need your help. 🙏 If you have a story that you think can change the face of education, we want to know all about it!! Head to the link in my bio to submit any and all thoughts! 👆

And speaking of changing the face of education, I’m already thinking about how to prepare your hearts to step back into the classroom. ✏️🎒 For the past two years, I’ve held a conference called ReLit for Educators in August - and this year, it was supposed to be in 3️⃣ cities. Now, we have had to make a new plan. 🥁 Drum rolllllll: Save the date for the next best, even bigger thing: virtual RELIT: Stepping Back into the Classroom Better Than Ever. The theme: Brave with Joy. Mark it on your calendar: It’s set for Saturday, August 22, 2020. 🗓️ If you had an Eventbrite ticket to ReLit, it will be fully refunded today. And stay tuned for plans for August 22!! 🎟️ Tickets will go on sale mid June, and I promise they'll be affordable. I want Laurie to join me on the virtual stage - think we can convince her? I have plans to bring all things Brave, and all things Joy.
Who do you want to bring?? Tag them here, and together, we will be brave and change the world (or at least find all the joy trying)! xo

#drjodycarrington #reconnectionrevolution #gamechanger #relit2020 #educators #virtualconference #brave #joy

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Today, in Canada is #orangeshirtday and it is a chance for us to reflect on the damage done to generations of indigenous people through the Residential School System.
Before I returned to school this year, I was part of a land acknowledgement ceremony that explained the reasoning behind those recognitions. I’ve been part of hundreds of them before meetings, events, and celebrations, but it was the one by Heather Beaver and #relit2020 that spoke to me.
I hear so many people say, “I didn’t do it.” Or, “My ancestors didn’t do anything.” Or, “Why don’t they just get over it?” I’ve heard it over and over, and it frustrates me. Get over it? Get over being taken from a family and place of love, and forced to live without care and compassion. Forced to forget everything that made you who you were up until that point. Sure. Get over it.
The lesson I learned this year was that acknowledging the harm caused by residential schools is just as powerful to those who were victims of it. Believing their words, and holding space for them is what they are asking for.
So today, on Orange Shirt Day, take a moment to acknowledge the pain, hurt and trauma caused. #orangeshirtday

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Damn you, for making me feel everything I was suppressing since March. And thank you. #relit2020 ...

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Let’s be honest, friends. ⭐ This amazing human barely needs an introduction, and if you don’t know this man yet, his content has brought so much joy to my quarantined heart! 💕 He is a teacher who has always used humour as the gateway to learning, is the funniest man in the room, and has the biggest heart I know. Joe Dombrowski ✨(aka Joe Dombrowski)✨ is a comedian, advocate for all things diversity, and is basically on a first name basis with @theellenshow (after making 3 appearances!). 😱 His commitment to being better for kids, better for his colleagues, and for changing the face of education, will leave you in awe, and likely madly in love, just like me. ❤️ So friends, I could think of no one better (or more timely) to join us on the RELIT stage than the funny man himself.

If you need a belly laugh 🤣 after walking us home through one of the hardest seasons in education, you’ve landed in the right place. Not only will @mrdtimes3 close the day with a hilarious, and fill-your-cup session, if you snag the Very VIP ticket you get a bonus interactive “Happy Hour” with Mr. D and me!! 🎉🎉 This man shines light everywhere he goes, and those of you who do this holy work of education deserve it more now than ever. 🙏💞 #BringYourBrave and sign up today for a FULL day of virtual fun and learning. 🎟️ Link in bio.

I promise you’ll love every minute, and we’ll send you back to the classroom, in the most important year in educator history, braver than ever. xo

#DrJodyCarrington #ReconnectionRevolution #RELIT2020 #BringYourBrave #VirtualConference #TeacherAppreciation

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💜Windows and mirrors.
💜Little kids can do big things.
💜Little kids can think big things.
💜Where loss lives, grief will follow.
💜Happy crappies.
💜Listen and witness.
💜Know it in your bones.
💜Look and see.
💜Prepare to repair.
💜CONNECTION seekers NOT attention seekers.
#relit2020 #drjodycarrington #teachingismyjam #teacher #littles #relaunch #brave #strong #resilient

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Thank you drjodycarrington for this amazing conference! I laughed, I cried, I was inspired, lifted up, and motivated. I know feel that I do have the brave to go back to work and do what I truly love to do #relit2020#bringyourbrave ...

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Thank you so much for filling up my bucket with these #bringyourbrave goodies, drjodycarrington & mrsmacskinders 💕 I started on my #reconnectionjournal today 📝 and I am LOVING this candle!🕯️I am super excited for #relit2020! 💻 #reconnectionrevolution #gratitudepractice #gratitude #gratitudejournal

Image: Journal, pen, candle, and "Bring. Your. Brave." card by Dr. Jody Carrington flat on my desk.

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Behind the scenes creativehiveyeg as we work through #relit2020 and enjoy bringing these people and messages of transformation and bringing your brave! What a day drjodycarrington what a day! #yeg #yegevents #yegsmallbusiness #bringyourbrave ...

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I wholeheartedly believe that educators do some of the holiest work on this planet🙌. They look after our most precious commodities every single day: our next generation🧒👶. My question to you is this: Who’s looking after them? They can’t do their jobs, however that may look in the year that lies ahead, unless we look after them FIRST. 💕

I have said this a few times in the last two weeks, but I have never been more sure: we are stepping into one of the most important years in educator history👣. Those souls in charge of navigating the emotion of tiny humans must be our priority, if we want any hope that our babes will have the ability to navigate all the emotion on this planet right now🧠💬. And here’s the rub: teachers are scared. Educators don’t have a roadmap📍. There are no clear paths across or within provinces or states - mainly because there is no clear path, period. And where uncertainty lives, deregulation will follow.

I will still maintain this: we are wired for it💪. Whatever comes our way, we’re wired for it. But here’s what’s necessary to know: we are also wired for connection🤝. #RELIT2020 will offer a place for all educators to connect, before we step back in, in the fall. August 22, 2020, has a speaker lineup of some of the best, who will show up to talk all about the hard things: grief, mental health, trauma, bias, culture📚. All with some joy sprinkled in too🤗. I didn’t know when we first launched RELIT three years ago, that it would become as important of a gathering as it will be in these uncertain times.

I promise you - we will be bringing our brave to show our sweet educators just how much we honour them. If you are an educator, or know one who is amazing, tag them below. We’d love to love on them. xo 💕

#DrJodyCarrington #BringYourBrave #RELIT2020 #Educators #HolyWork

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#Relit2020 has been absolutely incredible. I will be sharing my reflections on next week's Thursday blog post, but in the meantime you can find some quotes and sketchnotes from the day over on my Twitter (Madame_I_Am). 💻 #BringYourBrave #relit

Thank you for your session and this quote, ✨

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Okay....the new home office space is starting to take shape. As the world changes the reality is working from is a must much more often than as an entrepreneur you needed a space. For me, the space has to be just so for it to be a space I can work in and this one is starting to come together. When it’s all done I’ll share the the wall mural is wild and the picture wall is cool. Live the ability to have a job that allows this space to exist. Thankful tonight. T minus 2 sleeps to #relit2020 with drjodycarrington and it’s gonna be amazing!!! This space gives me the room to be ready. Whoooop!!! Game on!
#yeg #yegmoms #yegbusinesswomen #bringyourbrave #yegdesign #momlife

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This guy right here. I can’t say enough good things about this human.🙌 Along with being a wonderful husband and amazing dad to three, Jeremy Allen is an expert on all things grief and loss. ⚰️💔We met when Jeremey’s wife suggested they come to a talk I was giving in a small town in the middle of Alberta. When I first met these two, I knew they were something special. 💕They were both wildly committed to walking people through grief and loss - primarily through their funeral business.👣 What struck me most about Jer, in addition to his passion, was his vulnerability.

I knew, when we wanted to create a day to hold our educators as they head back into, arguably, the most critical year in their educator history, that this guy needed to be on the docket. 🤗Head to the link in my bio to join me for RELIT 2020! and save your seat today!

Jer brings all the fire talking grief and loss and leading our babies home. 💥Can’t wait for you to experience his magic. ✨He will change your life, as he has changed mine. xo💕

#RELIT2020 #DrJodyCarrington #ReconnctionRevolution #Grief #Loss

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This lady is one of the ones that brings sunshine wherever she goes! mrsmacskinders is one of the teachers you just hope your kids get at some point! She's a Mom. She's an author and she will be speaking on Saturday with drjodycarrington for #relit2020 are still available and so are the shirts! Share your pic with us :)⁠⠀
#wearthecare #selflove #yeglocal #yegcharity #yeginspire #iamenough #yegbiz #givingback #yegfashion #yegcommunity #edmontoncharity #yegstartup #caring #loveyourself #spreadthelove #spreadinglove #giveback #forthecause #foracause #yegcause

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Since it’s still my birthday week, 🎉 we thought we would put the spirit of gift giving out to all you parents out there!
In case you forgot, school is out for the summer! If you own a kid, I’ll bet that they have an incredible teacher. 💕 A teacher who spends more hours with your child during a given work week than you do, and who does the holy work of regulating their emotions for them when you’re not there to.
We need to love on these teachers now more than ever, for walking us through one of the hardest seasons in education. If you have an educator you love, and want to give them an end of the year gift they’ll never forget, give them the gift of ✨RELIT! 2020.✨ Head to the link in my bio to purchase tickets, and make sure to enter the name and email address of the individual you want to gift a ticket to. 🎟️ 💝

I promise we’ll change their life, and make sure they walk into the classroom in September braver than ever, and ready to teach your babes. xo

#DrJodyCarrington #ReconnectionRevolution #RELIT2020 #BringYourBrave #Educator #Love #VirtualConference

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Any day spent with drjodycarrington is a day filled with laughs, insight and learning!!! You still have a few days to get tickets for #relit2020 Join her and a kick ass group set to inspire everyone to #bringyourbrave ...

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If you know drjodycarrington you LOVE her. Not just because she is a truth speaker. Not just because she is real. Not just because she is a DR. BUT because she is herself...just as she is. Tomorrow we get the pleasure of having her on our FB LIVE at 11:30 am on creativehiveyeg FB. We are talking #RELIT2020 and what's happening and how she is getting people to #bringyourbrave. Plus, with Dr. Jody...the conversation can go anywhere...I loooooove that! Tune in.⁠

#yegpodcast #edmontonpodcast #podcast #podcaststudio #newpodcast #newepisode #edmontontalks #yegtalks #podcastlife #yegcreative #yeginfluencer #influencer #creative #creator #contentcreator #podcastcreator #podcastproducer #podcastwriter #podcastepisode #podcasting

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SO 👏 EXCITED 👏 FOR 👏 THIS 👏 After reading her book #kidsthesedays I was so inspired by the work and passion drjodycarrington has for teachers and children. She describes the job of a teacher as “holy work,” and jeesh during these uncertain times where education seems chaotic...we as teachers need all the “holy” we can get! I’m ready to learn and soak in the words of the fabulous presenters! Time to refill my teacher 👩🏻‍🏫 cup!
#teacherbooks #relit2020 #teacherconference #refillyourcup #selfcare #teachersofinstagram #teacherwellbeing #teachersarehuman #iteachtoo #teacherselfcarechallenge

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Even if I don't have a position for the fall, I'm still going to #relit2020 and will #bringmybrave because JodyCarrington helped me get back to work during a very dark time in my life. ...

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Wow...excitement is bubbling up today as we transform creativehiveyeg into 3 different sets for #relit2020 with drjodycarrington It's one of the things I love most about this can be whatever you imagine. Your vision can be brought to life and on Saturday morning at 10am RELIT will light this place up. The virtual day will ignite, inspire, and help so many bring their brave into the coming school year. You can still get tickets to RELIT and we would love to show you The Hive in a very new way! ⁠

#yeglocal #yegbiz #yegbusiness #yeggers #yeglove #exploreedmonton #edmontonliving #yegphotography #yegnetworking #smallbusiness #entrepreneurlife #hustleandgrind #network #networking #yegnetwork⁠

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I’m trying to win a VIP ticket to #RELIT2020 with drjodycarrington and the challenge is to #bringyourbrave and show something brave you have done. The biggest one I can think of is packing up our life and starting a new position 1 year ago as VP in Southern Alberta. I had the privilege of leading amazing teachers and pushing myself to grow during a pandemic (I hated filming videos and now they don’t even phase me). Excited to be moving into year 2 at this school as VP and face the new challenge of returning to school with a lot of bravery, love and compassion. ...

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Here we way to spend the final Saturday before we restart. drjodycarrington #bringyourbrave #relit2020 ...

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Oh. My. Heart. TOMORROW is the day. 🙌One more sleep. 🎉RELIT! 2020 is finally here.💥 My team and I are making our way to Edmonton, to The Creative Hive, to make sure all the magic is ready.🚗 Prepare your mother loving hearts, dear ones. We’re about to shake up some magic. ✨

This day means the world to me, because I get to love on thousands of educators (virtually and from a responsible distance) and remind them just how crucial they are in this process of raising our next generation.🤗 Tomorrow I, and a few of the finest educators on the planet, will show up with our whole hearts for these amazing souls who hold our most precious commodities, and make sure they know how grateful we are for their holy work.🙏 If we don’t take better care of the people who hold our babies, the kids don’t stand a chance. ❤️ ps-ticket sales END at 9:30 am Saturday so get set up today!!

Comment below if you’re joining us tomorrow, and what you’re most excited for! Oh sweet educator friends, you know I’m going to BRING IT!! 💕

#DrJodyCarrington #ReconnectionRevolution #BringYourBrave #RELIT2020 #Educators

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That time I got the call up to ReLit so I made a little video in the selection room, AKA the casket room!

Don’t wait, tickets are still available through the link in my bio!

138 16

Who else is watching #relit2020 with #jodicarrington ...

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T minus 5 DAYS!!! 💥Friends, the RELIT! 2020 event link is now LIVE. If you purchased a ticket, it is time to dance.💃 Meet the speakers, check out our exclusive event merchandise, start to get a feel for the discussion questions, resources, and most of all - fill your hearts educators. 👀We are so in awe of what you’re doing to prepare to hold our babes and our communities and we’ve got you!! 🙌

Last night on Sunday Sessions Live, I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the educators you’ll meet during RELIT2020: the amazing Naomi O’Brien, also known as @readlikearockstar. 💕We talked all about her incredible (exploding) platform aimed at providing resources for teachers and parents who want to do better by understanding and incorporating discussions about culture and bias into their homes and classrooms. 💭She’s now based in Florida where she and her husband are raising two boys.🌎 She and @apron_education (who you met last week) launch their new book Unpack Your Impact next month and I can’t wait to read it. 📖She says this and I love it: Teaching kids how to think not what to think is the key. 🤝

I can’t wait for you to hear what she has to say at #Relit2020. 🤗Bring your friends. Gift your kids teachers. You won’t want to miss it. And we can’t wait to have you. xo 💕

*Link in bio for RELIT! tickets*

#DrJodyCarrington #Quotes #RELIT2020 #ReconnectionRevolution

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Can’t wait for RELIT this SATURDAY with mrsmacskinders and drjodycarrington !!!

Thank you tcathy4 and tktcreates for this awesome shirt!! ♥️

#smilewithyourballs #relit #relit2020

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Watchin ReLit in the dark as I set up my classroom and prepare to step back in😍 (Forgive the TERRIBLE jerky quality...I was busy fangirling over here) drjodycarrington #Relit2020 #BringYourBrave #canadianteacher #teacherlife #teachersofinstagram ...

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T minus EIGHT days! 💥For what, you ask? For a day where a few of the most inspiring souls will gather to talk about how to step back into the classroom braver than ever. 🙌RELIT! 2020 - the virtual conference that we’re hosting for educators (and anyone who has influence over a kid) is almost here. 🗓️

You know what I knew we needed more than anything on this day? Some fucking joy. And it’s a choice.👏 So I chose (and he graciously accepted), the funniest, kindest soul, who gets kids and classrooms more than anyone I’ve met - comedian and teacher, @mrdtimes3 (Joe Dombrowski!). 💥Team - I’ve watched the content. My jaw dropped more than once at his insights and he tells it all through the lens of his “Dear Students” letters that will leave you ready to take on those tiny humans like you’ve never been ready to before (mask and all).💕

If you can manage to snag a Very VIP ticket, you’ll get exclusive access to a post conference Happy Hour hosted by Mr. D and I, which includes a LIVE virtual discussion that you don’t want to miss.🍾 The few times Joe and I have been in the same room, I have never laughed so hard. 😆We have good “chemistry” they say, and we can’t wait to spill all the TEA on just what it means to look after other people’s children, happy-hour style. We want you there. And you won’t want to miss it!💕*Link in bio for tickets*

#RELIT2020 #BringYourBrave #ReconnectionRevolution #educators #teacherappreciation #teacherselfcare

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RELIT 2020!! So excited to spend my day getting inspired. A refresher on mental health and emotional regulation and how to balance things in the classroom after a pandemic!! What a great day ahead with drjodycarrington
and more!!

9 2

Bringing our brave, loud and proud! drjodycarrington coming at us larger than life for ReLit2020 (60 inch TVs do come in handy at times)! #bringyourbrave #relit #relit2020 ...

12 0

My swag box for ReLit 2020 with drjodycarrington arrived today! I. Feel. Pampered!! #relit2020 #bringyourbrave ...

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SCHOOL YEAR 2020-2021! ⭐️

Some words to live by, words of wisdom and reminders for us all. ♥️

Heading into the most unknown and ever changing year, we will need all of these over and over. 🥰

Let’s support each other, do our best and take care of ourselves (in many many ways). 🙋🏼‍♀️

Lots of these quotes and words of reminders have come from my listening, reading, chatting, and learning this summer. 🌻🌿

I’m someone who feels big emotions, then processes, and then tries my best to look for solutions and ways to feel safe and in control (in a time where there aren’t “rules”, this seems tricky). 😅

I’m so thankful for all of you, for my husband, family, and friends. AND all of my littles and their families at school. Can’t wait to meet and see their beaming faces and connect with them again. ♥️

Let’s find ways to feel the emotions, support each other, connect and try to be as positive as possible. ✨

What else can we add to this list?! 💭💭

*also tagged: Marcy O’Keefe

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T MINUS 6 days!!💥 6 days until this little dream of mine to connect thousands of amazing souls (educators, parents, anyone who leads or loves a kid) together to laugh, cry, and transform the way we show up, becomes a reality. 😆😭🤝✨

Why do we need this day you ask? Because my wish is that we create a community of educators that will step back in with their whole heart, ready to know that they will change the world with a heartbeat.💕 They will never forget the 20/21 school year, and neither will the babes they hold. 👩‍🏫We have two choices. We can step back in, riddled with fear and anxiety, or we can drop our shoulders, and remember that we can do hard things.🙌 My wish for you educators, is to know that the work you do is holy, and that you’re doing the best you can with what you’ve got, and that it’s enough. 💕My wish for you, is to look head-on into what will be the hardest season in education, and say “let’s fucking dance.”🤗

#BringYourBrave and join us for RELIT! 2020 on August 22nd. ✨Prepare your hearts for inspiration from some of the best in education, including the incredible Naomi O’Brien (@readlikearockstar) who is joining me LIVE tonight at 8pm. 💥If you’re free, we hope you’ll join us. xo💕

*Link in bio for tickets to RELIT!*

#DrJodyCarrington #RELIT2020 #teacherappreciation #ReconnectionRevolution

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This 💕 says so much! This is a fabulous quote!!

#deatheducation thank you! Leading with vulnerability is a fabulous concept!!

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Two beauties (and of course Mike) filming for #relit2020 When you get to bring new people into your community that shine a bright light you just smile and we are smiling!!! Love this city and the people!!! drjodycarrington mrsmacskinders

Link for tickets in our bio.

#yeg #yegcommunity #yegfamily #yegteacher

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Learning and getting #relit for the upcoming school year! #relit2020 drjodycarrington #professionaldevelopment ...

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Shout out to mikeydubzjr drjodycarrington for continuing to educate. They had a live interview today about an event this weekend around education. #relit2020 Also a low key announcement at the end on something we have been working on with to help create change.


58 4

Would love to join this amazing woman, to make connections. #Relit2020, #BringYourBrave ...

4 0

Makin’ #snackplans for #relit2020 which may or may not contain Cheezies at 9am PST, but most definitely will include tissues! #bringyourbrave ...

6 1

What a day! To sit at the table with dynamic women who share openly who they are, why they’re going for it and what they magic. drjodycarrington has a special ability...a superpower to bring people together and dig in. thejessicajanzen so happy to have met you and wow! You are doing BIG things.

We have this here. Great big things being dreamed up and built. Things that are changing paths and pushing people to hope. Not to hope for...but simply hope.

Dr. Jody is the force behind #relit2020 when she asked us to #bringyourbrave Jess will be helping the community connect with her as part of Dr. Jody’s #staylit2021 where we learn to be #bravertogether The virtual production is happening creativehiveyeg

Oh. It’ll be kick ass.

Tickets available now.

#yeg #yegbusinesswomen #albertagirls #canadianwoman #yeswecan #yegevents #events #connectingcommunities

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This was AMAZING! Bucket filled. Feeling empowered and lit up 🔥 No words can truly explain what today meant. The laughs and the tears. The joy and heartache. I’ve felt every emotion watching this event. If you don’t follow these amazing humans you need to. They were everything I didn’t know I needed today and for the school year ahead 💕 Thank you. .
#travel #teacher #gradetwo #grade2 #grade3 #gradethree #iteachsecond #iteachthird #travelingteacher #classroomlibrary #canadianteacher #outdoorlearning #reading #books #yyj #tpt #teacherspayteachers #education #teachersofinstagram #sd62learns #classroominspiration #elementaryteacher #teacherlife #inquirymindset #relit2020 #relit #bringyourbrave

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My friends. Trust me when I tell you that I can BARELY contain my excitement to introduce you to ✌️ of the best educators in the business. ⭐ I had the pleasure of meeting both LaNesha Tabb and Naomi O'Brien when we shared the virtual stage at Get Your Teach On in June, and they have been taking my breath away and shifting my perspective ever since. 🙏 Both of these women are wives, mothers, teachers, and game changers. They are powerhouses in the world of cultural bias and awareness in the classroom, and I am honoured that they accepted the invitation to share their wisdom with all of you at #RELIT2020. Seriously - in one session they changed my life with their insight and I can’t wait for you to learn from them too. 🤓 💕

Our intention for this day is holding up educators, in a year when it’s needed more than ever, and to start conversations and hold space for our most important lessons and emotions. As it is taking shape, and as this world of ours continues to spin with uncertainty, 🤯 🌍 I am so convinced that we need you to sit with these incredible souls on August 22 - we’d love to have you.

Head to the link in my bio for tickets and save your seat now. Or if you know an educator who could use some love, you can gift a ticket too! 🎟️ 💝 I promise we’ll prepare hearts so we can all step back into September braver than ever. You deserve it. They deserve it. And we need you. xo

#DrJodyCarrington #ReconnectionRevolution #BringYourBrave #RELIT2020 #TeacherAppreciation #EducationMatters @apron_education @readlikearockstar

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#relit was amazing! We are wired for hard things!


mrdtimes3 apron_education readlikearockstar mrsmacskinders
thelipscombe drjodycarrington

19 4

Ready to #BringYourBrave today!!!! ❤️❤️ ...

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What a valuable reminder from drjodycarrington and mrsmacskinders today at #RELIT2020! #BringYourBrave ...

23 0

Bringing our brave this weekend lisamcknenna123#relit2020#bringyourbrave#reconnectionrevolution#drjodycarrington ...

36 1

Opened this swag package today from the most amazing drjodycarrington 🎉🎉. When I signed up for #relit2020 I didn’t pay much attention to the theme of the conference...this is it people #bringyourbrave 💛💛💛 ...

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Hello Joyful Vibe YQR

I have been shifting my self-care mindset more towards a self-giving mindset. I am experiencing more calm in my heart knowing that it is in giving that we receive.

Please know self-care is so important and I do believe that we must make time for ourselves! I am only sharing as I am discovering just how important #communitycare and #connection are during this time.

We are all moving into a big time of transition and I can't stress enough the importance of real dialogue and meaningful connection.

Feel free to share how you are giving and connecting with others during this time.

#BringYourBrave #relit2020

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drjodycarrington off to a great start!!! Loving #relit2020 ❤️❤️❤️ ...

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