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This is the heart of it all for me. I aim to create an inspiring journey through developmental stages from babes to adolescents all the way into our later years, discussing the importance of understanding the power in relationship, where we all learn to answer the most important question on the planet, “Am I worth it?”. Turns out, the only way each of us answers that question is in the context of relationship. Find out more...
Very few of us get through this life unscathed and understanding the brain from a trauma perspective can change everything. We explore what “trauma” means for kids and adults alike, and what it is that is most helpful following a significant trauma. We discuss the research regarding the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) and how this shows up in our communities and our classrooms. Find out more...
Grief & Loss
Although grief is a universal experience, it is remarkable that very few of us know “what to do” or “what to say” in times of grief, especially with children. And even worse, when grief and trauma go hand in hand, many of us feel like lost ships in a stormy sea. We talk about the saddest parts of grief, how to help each other stay connected, and how to come out never the same, but perhaps even stronger on the other side. Find out more...

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Jody presents over 50 custom-made keynotes annually on relationships and connection, trauma, parenting, grief and loss, and "compassion fatigue." She speaks to hundreds of parents and educators every year, in Alberta and across Canada.

My Team

Dr. Jody Carrington
Dr. Jody Carrington

Founder and Chief Happiness Officer

Spreading the word of connection, lighting up, and life-changing relationships with those doing the holy work of education is my passion. I am so glad you found me and my amazing team.

Marti Pillar
Marti Pillar

Chief Assistant to the Chief Happiness Officer

Marti is most knowledgeable about our practice, keeps me in line, and is one of the most organized, kindest souls I know. And she makes a mean salsa. If she does not have an answer to your question, she will work with you until it is figured out.

    Kershia Campbell
    Kershia Campbell

    Media Relations Advisor to the Chief

    Kershia is our media relations advisor and is by far the boss of everything markety-ish and insta/facebook/linkedin. She keeps us “current” and is always available for insights and updates about how we can connect with you better.

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