The (Re)Connection Revolution: An Evening with Dr. Jody Carrington in Delta, BC

Join us in our first ever event in the Vancouver area.

We are so excited to bring this message of (re)connection to the west coast. 

This evening is all abut YOU. An evening where we will remind you that you’re wired to do hard things. You’re able to do those hard things so much easier when you remember this: You are wired for connection.

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ReConnection Revolution

The whole idea behind the #ReConnectionRevolution to is to start giving it away. As often as we can. Smiles, notes, compliments, buying someone a coffee, sending an overdue message. We’ve got big dreams of reconnected classrooms, work teams, family and friend reconnections. I can’t even.

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The (Re)Connection Revolution: First Responders & Their Back Up

This day, we will look after all the heroes who do this brave work of helping people at their most vulnerable — those who do frontline work (paid or volunteer) and those who hold them. We’ll talk about how this job can affect a whole family — and remind each of you why you matter to our communities, and mostly to each other.

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5 Things Videos

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