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Hello, March! With International Women’s Day recognized on March 8, 2022, we’re focusing on all things women inspiring women and will be raising female voices, sharing stories, and breaking glass ceilings all month long. 

Why? Because the future is female. And not females who try to lead like men. I mean females who lead with their heart and aren’t afraid to show it sometimes.  

So why are women important in that process? Because we typically (please be clear, this isn’t always) have, for many generations, been far more encouraged to have an emotional language. We have been far more inclined to lead our children and our spouses through hard things, rather than to “suck it up”. We haven’t been born of generations who told us, boldly or not, that “boys don’t cry”.  

We have the tendency to teach our girls to be amenable and our boys to take charge. But we also know that we need to empower our girls to be bold, strong and brave. And our boys need to know that it’s okay to be vulnerable, calm, and kind. These traits are all critical for humans to thrive and they’re not gender specific. 

My dream for the next generation is for them to think about what it means to be a woman and what it means to be a man and focus on creating a safe space to talk about how we feel so that we can stay connected

The future I predict for my daughter and sons when we have more female energy at the table, is that they’re going to be so much more connected than we are. Our goal as parents, even in this strange season of disconnect, is to keep showing them. Show them how to honour a wide spectrum of emotions and I’m confident that will give them the fuel to carry out amazing things in this world. 

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