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If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your day, pick up the phone and reach out to someone who matters to you. Because remember, the people you surround yourself with, if you invest in them well, will become the village that walks with you through the successes, carries you through the shadows, and takes you to task when you need a wake-up call.  

But sometimes, the hardest thing you and I have on our plates this moment is looking into the eyes of the people who matter the most to us. Why is that? It’s a complicated question, one that I dive into in Chapter 10 of Feeling Seen. Those closest to you, your sacred few, your persons, are often the ones you forget to give your best to—because they mean so much that it makes it difficult to do; or you’re concerned they won’t reciprocate it; or you simply take them for granted; or a combination of all these.  

And because we’re social creatures, the healthiest among us are the most socially integrated in our communities. Pay close attention to who you’re sitting with and never, ever forget your power, regardless of where you “fall” in any given hierarchy (self-ascribed or by the title we hold). I hope you do indeed have a lot of friends but, it turns out, a select few get us through this life. Get the ones in your head who truly know your story.  

Those who have had the most access to your soul, underneath any hurt and trauma and pain that we all have gathered at some points in our story. Those are your people. Connect to one of them daily, if you’re able to. A text, a note, a prayer is simply all you need. The truth is, the people we love the most are often suspicious when we’re kind. For this reason, we need to reconnect with our people as often as we’re able to. It will take a conscious effort in this season of heaviness. 

And it is a powerful antidote to it all. 

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