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When I think about the “light up,” I think about this beautiful little guy, a foster child who was incredibly quiet and always seemed to be a little lost when he arrived at my Kindergarten class.  

I noticed his interest in building mazes with blocks and a ball during free play. During this time, I would light up with excitement and amazement at how he could predict where the ball would go and what he needed to do to make it go a certain way. I would comment on his spatial awareness and problem-solving skills by saying, “You are so good at math because you are problem solving and can see where that ball is going to go,” and he would beam brightly.  

As weeks went on, I wasn’t his only light up, the students were lighting up too. They’d ask him to help build even longer, more challenging mazes. The attention and spotlight were magic for him – this quiet little guy was beginning to smile more, talk and share his ideas. He felt special. So special, that I remember vividly his response when I asked him, “What do you think you are really good at in kindergarten?” And he said, “Sharing and Math”. My heart overflowed – he was an amazing gift to us all. 

-Natasha Lang, Teacher 

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