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Single, married, divorced, polyamorous – it matters not. We’re taking back Valentine’s Day (look out, Hallmark) and we’re staking our claim on it. February 14 should be a day to celebrate love and reconnect with the people you care about. Full stop. 

Here are 5 unconventional ways to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day: 

Seek out the sunset. Simple, but an oh-so effective to reconnect on this day. Drive west, slow down, find the clearest spot, and spend 10 minutes watching the sun fall. It will fill your heart in a way you won’t forget.

DIY Workshop: Attend a do-it-yourself workshop with a friend or loved one. Whether it’s pottery, painting, or cooking – creating something together is such a tangible (and fun) way to bond (even if you suck at these activities).

Tech-Free Day: Declare a tech-free evening and spend time with someone you love, but without the distractions of phones and computers. Play cards, go for a walk, or just break some damn bread together.

Surprise the line. If you’re buying coffee on February 14, make someone’s day by paying for their order. It’s a simple way to spread joy, the person behind you in line will never forget it, and they’ll likely pay it forward, inspiring a long line of happy-hearted customers. 

Host a spa night. Celebrate the love you have for yourself. Make the night yours, and only yours. I’m talking romance with your favourite take-out, a hot bath with candles followed by dessert and a good book or a binge-worthy show.


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