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Are you someone who loves, holds, or supports a first responder? Hello, Hero.  

That’s right, I think you’re a god-damned hero, just like the first responder that you know and love. It’s not always easy holding your partner when they’re operating under a lot of pressure, with long shifts and unpredictable schedules. Emergencies can be tough to plan family life around; your partner can’t exactly dip out from an incident for Christmas dinner, kids’ birthdays, or wedding anniversaries. To do this noble work for the greater good of our communities means some sacrifices for everyone in the family. 

Yes, our dear heroes are brave – stepping into the front-lines of trauma without hesitation, risking their bodies and minds to help people when they’re at their very worst, most dysregulated selves. As a supporter of a first responder, knowing the signs of a difficult shift or when trauma is kicking them in the ass will give you a better chance of helping early on, if they’re struggling.  

Do you find it sometimes hard to check in with your first responder, to know where they’re at? You’re not alone in that. Communication is critical, because PTSD won’t kill you, but not talking about it might. If you need a starting off point, download our free resource “Is Your Partner Ok? 3 Signs the Effects of Trauma Might be Showing Up at Home” and for more information on Hello Hero, my one-day virtual event for you, the amazing supporter, and your beloved first responder.  

Tickets are still available, but they’re going fast my friend – and we need you there.