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I am taking a deep breath as I write this. Can you remember the last time you were about to step into a moment that was equal parts scary as hell and equal parts soul-exploding excitement? I said this once: “when you’re on the precipice of something great, it’s always scary”.

I am staring the biggest month of my career in the face and I would kind of like to hide. I felt the same way on my wedding day. And the first time I held each of my three babes. Some of your biggest accomplishments, some of the biggest transitions of your life, will require great risk, vulnerability, courage, and bravery all wrapped into one. We can do hard things. We can do those hard things so much easier when we stay connected—especially to the people who support us the most. For that simple but profound fact, I’m so glad you’re here.

This is the precipice of something great, I suspect. And I’m scared as hell.

Kids These Days!

Finally, my first book is HERE and it’s made of blood, sweat, and tears. It’s written for the most important people in the world to me: educators, parents, and every single one of us who are in the villages raising up our babies. I can’t believe the official launch day is almost here! Order yours now!.

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