StayLit reminds all of us—
our educators, parents, and communities—that we're #BraverTogether.

This day is designed to hold the hearts of our communities as we step into a new year.

We’re on the heels of one of our most disconnected years. This means that we need to remind ourselves—and each other—that we can’t tell our children how to be brave, we have to show them. It’s a day for educators, parents, caregivers, grandmas, and aunties. It’s for anyone who owns a kid, teaches a kid, or loves a kid. We will talk all things trauma, mental health, joy, and staying connected with our teachers and each other as we come together, braver than ever, to walk one another home.

This event will be hosted on a virtual platform, in an effort to create a braver movement of connection and inspiration across this globe.

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