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Sit with the winners. The conversation is different. The people you surround yourself with will become the village that creates your most success. It never ceases to amaze me that the ones who are most able to look and see seem to be the ones who have created the most solid safety nets around them.  

What matters the most when we’re facing challenging times is our people. So who are they? If spending time together requires a bra and a full face of makeup—they’re not your people. Connect to your breath and think, in any moment of overwhelm or distress, who do you need to connect with to fill your soul? Those are your people. The ones that make you feel seen and heard and understand the process of challenging us in the right moment. And here’s a tip – they don’t even need to be alive. Slow it down and notice who your people are, and how much space you’re making for them. Notice what happens to your soul at the mere thought of them.   

Ironically, the people we love the most can be hard to connect to sometimes. It’s the toughest thing you and I have on our plates right in this moment – to truly look into the eyes of the people who matter the most to us. So, let’s start there, with the most powerful tool that we often mess up the most.    

The key to staying in the game? 

Getting reconnected to the ones who matter most and finding the capacity to express the emotions that we sometimes hold on to too tight. 

The time is now friends. Reconnect like it’s your job. They need it. And so do you. 

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