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“Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort time and energy needed to develop yourself.” -Denis Waitley 

You are definitely worth it. First, wrap your head around that. You are worth it. Not sure where to begin? Here are two simple, but underrated ways to start focusing on self-growth:

1.Our best self-care or self-growth isn’t actually about us at all. Caring for the people who need it is the quickest way home. 

Looking after us will always be important, however, giving the world the “best of you”, whatever you’ve got at any given moment, is where the power lies. Some days, you’ll be giving away compliments and leaving big tips, buying strangers coffee like it’s your job. Other days, managing a small wave at a passerby might be all you have. This is what growth looks like. 


It will help you see what’s there instead of what isn’t. Finding abundance is completely achievable. Through gratitude. And the best time to start my friends, is today. Start writing down what you’re thankful for – in a notebook, in your phone, wherever. And if you need more guidance, we have a wonderful gratitude journal on the shop just waiting for you to meet it. 

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