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Holy hell. Jingle those bells, it’s December, sweet ones! This month I am committed to celebrating every win I can find. We’ve been living in “Cancel Town” for so long that we have forgotten the power of celebration. I’m here to pause and focus on savouring all the sweetness that December brings. Every twinkling light, every carol sang, every god-damned bit of bread that has been gingered. Don’t miss it. 

If you look hard enough for the good stuff, you’ll find it my friends. I am sitting in this space of hope. Hope that we all slow down long enough to reconnect to our breath, our people, and our why. Know that our job is to not be “happy”– that’s only one emotion. My hope is that we will feel them all – these emotions that us as humans are so richly full of. 

Psychologist, BJ Fogg talks a lot about celebration as the best way to utilize our emotions and create a positive feeling that wires in new habits“It’s free, fast, and available to people of every color, shape, size, income and personality. In addition, celebration teaches us how to be nice to ourselves — a skill that pays out the biggest dividends of all.” 

I mean, how simple is that? Thank you, BJ. Just be nice to yourself. A Christmas friggin’ miracle. When we pause to celebrate something big or small, we hold on to the good, which creates a nice buffer against the hard things. Which again, we’re wired for. You are more powerful, more resilient than you could ever know.  

Right here. Right now. Deep breath. 2022 will bring us exactly what we need as we lean into celebrating the small wins in December. In this season of hope, let’s continue showing up for each other so that we can truly feel seen, heard, and acknowledged. Drink the nog, dance to the music, and find joy in the fact that we’re still here, in this together.