Inspiration. Hope. Strategies. Step back into the classroom, braver than ever.

August 21, 2021

10:00AM—4:00PM MST

If you’re a teacher, an educator, or a leader of children, any age or stage, this day is for you. You will meet some of the bravest souls I know to help you celebrate the holy work of education and talk all things trauma, loss, relationship, and most importantly, joy.

our line-up

Dr. Jody Carrington

Speaker. Author. Gamechanger.

Laurie McIntosh

Kindergarten Teacher. Education Influencer. Co-Author of Teachers These Days.

Anthony Johnson & Dr. James Makokis

Anthony Johnson: Two-Spirit, LGBTQ2, & Indigenous Advocate.

Dr. James Makokis: Canada’s Cree Two-Spirit Leader & Winner of The Amazing Race Canada Season 7.

Coach Carey

3x Certified Life Coach & Motivational Speaker..

Joe Dombrowski

Comedian & Kindergarten Teacher Best Known for His Viral Social Content.

Hamish Brewer

Award Winning Educator & Principal. Author. International Speaker.

10:00 am to 4:00 pm MST

DJ Mikey Dubz @ 9:30 am

Ready to rock?? The official DJ of the Dr. J team, Mikey Dubz, will set your soul on fire!

Cori Fraser with team member of Westmount Junior High School

This day is sacred and we will honour the land and the people who shaped us all.

Mr. D

The insanely funny, kind, rock-star international comedian and teacher, Joe Dombrowski will gather your hearts to kick off this life-changing day!

Dr. Jody Carrington

Let’s start the day with a shoulder drop and a deep breath. Let’s talk about all the post-pandemic emotions and just want to do with it all…

Dr. James Makokis & Anthony Johnson & Dr. Jody Carrington

Dr. Jody sits down with these incredible husbands who are changing the world. Winners of the Amazing Race Canada and tireless advocates for Indigenous and 2SLGBTQ+ rights and understandings will leave you inspired and full of hope.

Hamish Brewer

This “Skateboarding Principal”, known for his book “Relentless” and his appearances on national TV, New Zealand native Hamish will take you on a hard-hitting journey that will challenge you to rethink your practices.


Laurie McIntosh

In an emotional, vulnerable soul-bearing talk, Laurie dives into her journey into the world of teaching, and all the things she’s learned along the way.

Coach Carey

Raia Carey is an inspiration walking. This motivational speaking and life coach brings all the confidence talk, embracing stress, and will leave you with the top tips on building confidence and resilience.

Dr. Jody Carrington & Laurie McIntosh

This is the official launch day for a book these two wrote around the stories of some of the finest on the planet. Teachers These Days is already an Amazon bestseller and they can’t wait to tell you how they got there!

VIP Happy Hour 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Gut-busting, ridiculous, over-the-top joy is the name of the game for this hour – so prepare your hearts. Jody and Joe and their insane energies will collide. And if that wasn’t enough, let’s throw in the international superstar mama’s Cat and Nat into the mix. Seriously, if your heart needs a break, this one’s for you (this segment is not recorded).

Times are not slotted due to unpredictable changes on a live production.

Keep checking back for announcements and presenter highlights!