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As a mama and an author, there is a group of people who have stolen my heart. These souls do holy work and are some of the most important people on the planet. We call them educators. They continue to show up for our babies no matter how many obstacles are thrown their way, and what I know to be true, is that it’s time for us to look after them.

Our teachers are wrapping up the hardest season of their career and they’ll need to start planning where their hearts are going to be in August as they prepare to step back into the classroom again. RELIT 2021 – our fourth annual one-day virtual event for educators on August 21st – is the plan they need. 

RELIT 2021 is designed to inspire, connect, and uplift anyone whose job it is to teach, as so many of us work to shape the lives of the next generation. If you’re a parent, educational assistant, bus driver, coach…this day, all about celebrating hard work, connecting communities, and providing resources for relationship focussed education practices – is for you too. 

This virtual event is designed in consultation with those inside and outside of the world of education to create a soul-filling, informative experience for all teachers. The one and ONLY Joe “Mr D” Dombrowski and I are going to host the day and bring you all the joy, and we have humbly asked the most incredible lineup of the best of the best souls in the world of education who understand your sacrifice and commitment – and all said YES to joining us in reminding you how sacred you are.

The conference is presented from a platform designed for openness and safety – a place where hard conversations are welcome so that we can develop a community of educators who can support each other while gaining resources for where they can land when things get tough.

RELIT 2021 is an ideal professional development day for your whole staff, and with 3 ticket tiers available, as well as group rates, there is something for everyone. Early bird pricing is available until June 12th at midnight – buy your ticket now and on top of saving 20% you’ll also have something to look forward to!

This day is necessary for all educators. They have been holding the hearts of our babies in a year that has been upside down and inside out. And when we didn’t have much to depend on, we had teachers. Let’s remind them how much they matter and send them back to the classroom better than ever. #RELIT2021 #BraverTheseDays

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