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The day after Halloween. My house feels like a dysregulation station as I wander around picking up rogue candy wrappers and pieces of costumes strewn about. And then there’s the children. I have three(!) of them. And there are huge emotions coming out of their bodies. I try (desperately) to remind myself that it’s their jobs to lose their minds and it’s my job to simply walk with them through it, even if it involves me losing it too sometimes.  

So this reminder is as much for me today – and, just in case you might need it too, let’s sink into this truth: so much of this life is having to go through it. There’s no way around it. You are not doing anything “wrong”, your kids are not “fucked up” when they lose their minds, and you have every right to be overwhelmed and tired. It is a journey, a wild ride they say.  

All I’ve got left today is just to believe that there’s something so critically important about sinking into whatever, wherever you find yourself in this moment. You are doing beautifully. And so are they.  It doesn’t mean that anything changes, but when you set the load down for a moment, even if you have to pick it all right back up again, it has shifted. And there’s something about that shift that is necessary when you do the hard work of walking those you love though all the things. The next, best, right, kind thing is all we need today. You and me – we’re in this together. xo

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