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There are some days I wake up and pinch myself – is this for real? A jewellery line. With Paris Jewellers. That I get to co-create?! I am a lover of jewellery in general, and you’ll often hear me say around the office: “Team, I’m wearing my big hoops today. I’m bringing my big hoops attitude.” Some days, jewellery has a strange way of making me feel unstoppable. 

And so when Chau Lui, co-owner of Paris Jewellers approached us for an exciting collaboration—I nearly fell out of my chair. Friends, this is something truly special – it’s a line of jewellery called “The Connection Collection.”  

Chau and I have taken the stage together on several occasions and bonded over our passion for business, as two (bold) women on a mission to change the world. From there we fell in love, (then our teams fell in love), and this gorgeous collection came to life.  

The Connection Collection represents the power of relationship – the magic that happens when we realize we’re in this together. The beauty that comes from reconnecting with your people, your passion, and your purpose.   

Every piece of this collection’s design is intentional. The gold-plated paperclip shape symbolizes how we’re inextricably linked—wired for connection and gorgeous in our own ways. What I love so much is the adjustable fit for all sizes and shapes; the Connection Collection is accessible to everyone. The removable heart charm reminds us that this journey is better when it’s shared with the ones we love.  

It’s been every bit as wonderful as I imagined building this collection with the amazing team at Paris Jewellers. And it’s the perfect gift for the ones in your corner. We hope you love these pieces as much as we do!  


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