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Marti was Dr. Jody’s first employee in 2016 and she is the glue that keeps us all together, the magic behind the brand. She leads the business strategy for the entire company and is also on the road with Dr. Jody frequently. She loves seeing the faces of the people in Jody’s crowd, and the powerful impact made. She makes us all dream big; no goal is too high when you work here! 

How did you and Dr. Jody meet?  

We met briefly around town but then our kids played hockey together and I managed the team. One morning we had an 8:00 am game that we were scheduled to keep score for. I came fairly organized with instructions for the clock and hot coffees. Jody, did not.  She said to me in the box, “I need someone like you”, I said, “Sign me up”.  The rest is history. 

What is your favourite part of being COO?

Working with this incredible team and seeing the lives we are changing. Our team is made of amazing people and getting to work and learn from them is my utmost honour. Meeting all the wonderful people from across the world is the biggest, most soul filling thing for me. I love being around people and getting to connect with them.   

Tell us about something you dreamed up that came true?  

I dreamed we would be able to travel around with the intention of spreading kindness and connection.  We are doing that now.  We have been to PEI, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Florida, Utah, etc. We are also going to be able to be in Michigan, NYC, Niagra Falls…it’s incredible. I love to travel so getting to travel for work is the best thing ever! 

Funniest story from the road?  

Jody and I went to use the bathroom in the Weyburn school district office. Jody opened a cupboard and there were all kinds of products in there for hair, static guard—that kind of thing. So, I went to grab the hairspray and the whole cupboard literally crumbled and fell into my arms in a thousand pieces. Jody and I were laughing so hard we couldn’t speak when the superintendent came in to see what the loud crash was. It was so embarrassing. We trashed their bathroom without meaning to at all. 

What are you most excited about? 

100% changing people’s lives little by little with connection and kindness. Seeing this revolution expand is the most exciting thing to me.   

What do you do to stay focused and connected? 

I exercise every day and get a good sleep. Both things help me so much with my anxiety. I also HAVE to read every night before bed. It calms my brain and helps me sleep.  

What is your favourite food?

Ooooo this is the hardest question of all because I LOOOOOVE food. BUT my family’s cabbage roll recipe wins it all, I think. I also really love chocolate, perogies, cake, and fresh buns. 

You have the best style. Where do you like to shop?

Oh gosh, this is super flattering (I am blushing).  I really like Bella Maas, Cerulean Boutique, Target, RW & Co., Anthropologie…really anywhere that I can find cute things. I’m random and have never thought of myself as “stylish”. 

Are you doing anything fun this summer?

My family and I (three kids ages 13, 12, 9 and my hubby) are heading out on a roadtrip down to the Florida Keys. We will be hitting Nashville, The Keys, Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Washington D.C, NYC, etc. It will be incredible. We cannot wait! Everyone in a car for a month is the best reconnection strategy. 

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