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January 2024. New year, same you.

I must admit, I find my clients (and often myself) feeling a little deflated during this transition month. And let’s be serious – the winter blues are expected to make an appearance when the shine of Christmas has worn off and we’re left with lingering bills, the expectation to be something better than we were a month ago, and -3,500 degree weather. For fuck’s sake, can someone get me an eggnog, please? 

I often marvel at the rhetoric around starting over, or taking on a new challenge when the calendar flips. Trust me, this girl loves a little reset. This month can mark an official transition of sorts, inviting us to leave behind what wasn’t kind. Alternatively, there is also hope in what this next year might have in store. For what it’s worth, be gentle with yourself, especially with all the “new year, new me” bullshit. 

The goal for 2024 around here will be a graceful transition into the best version of ourselves. Being better, doing better, treating our precious souls (even a little) better is truly, without question, all this world needs. Make you the first priority for the next 365. 

Even though January can feel uninspired, these are the in-between moments that might matter most. My friends, don’t miss it. And if you’re struggling right now with winter bummers, know that you’re not alone, and that brighter days are coming – literally. I’ve got a few plans in 2024 to guide us back to the best parts of ourselves with the primary purpose of giving this world the best of us for as many trips as we have left.  

And with that, I find myself revisiting all the words I’ve used to set my new year intention: brave, audacious, relentless, and steadfast. It is a year of preparation, of stepping back and renegotiating the ways in which to best serve the world around here.  

Let’s gently, surely, relentlessly, dive right in together. 

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