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Welcome home, 2023. You have arrived and we’re so glad you’re here. This year is about accessing our best selves, it’s about Feeling Seen. Allowing yourself to see and be seen—and doing the same for those around you—is the single best action we can take to reconnect. 

Because connection is the easy part. Reconnecting after the chaos, when we’ve been hurt, or when we’re feeling vulnerable – that’s the real challenge. It’s about accessing our best selves. Fulfillment starts with gratitude, sweet ones. I am so grateful for this time to reconnect and refocus on the new year. 

So, instead of throat punching the next person to ask you about your New Year “Resolution” – simply tell them you’re working on your New Year “Reconnection”.  

Here are THREE EASY ways to kick off your New Year Reconnection: 

  1. Reconnect to ourselves. Instead of setting unrealistic personal expectations or unattainable body goals, try something else on for size. Identify the thing that makes time stand still for you. The thing that makes you feel calm and at ease. Is it walking your dog? Ice skating? A hot bath? Or maybe it’s just sitting by a fireplace or cooking your favourite meal. Find that thing, and schedule it. Make it a priority, and then take a moment after to breathe, and breathe deep.  
  1. Reconnect to someone who needs you more than they need you. Sometimes all we really need is the opportunity to give it away. There is so much power in empathy. Whether you’re connecting with a total stranger in the drive-thru or your best friend who is down on her luck – make someone else feel seen and notice how you feel after. 
  1. Reconnect to your story. Sometimes we get lost and we feel like we’re stuck in the grind. Why did we choose this path, or this career, or this relationship? If you can, get back to your why. In fact, sometimes when I’m struggling to make sense of why everyone is an asshole and I can’t slow down long enough to find the empathy, I am reminded of why I am here: to do the next, best, right, kind thing in this human race.  

Remember friends, we’re all headed to the same place. None of us knows for sure just how many heartbeats we have left. Not missing the moments matters even more than getting it just right. 

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