It’s been a minute since we’ve gathered, my friends. I’ve so missed your real faces and sharing spaces – the world has never been more disconnected than it is right now. We need a slap of inspiration, a dose of laughter and a restorative night out with other humans in the community. Because guess what? We’re wired for connection.

Prepare your hearts for something new and exceptional. I’m hosting a brand-new evening event in Red Deer, Alberta and let me tell you – we’re fixing to change some lives.

Just Jody is a night about reconnection and laughter. It’s the hottest ticket in town and we’re going to talk about joy, fulfillment, and knowing that we’re going to fuck it up 70% of the time. We’re going to dive into the integral cycle of emotion, acknowledgment, and reconnection. We’re going to gather in a space that is safe, entertaining, and challenging.

You will leave this event knowing that you matter, and with sore sides from laughing. Because in the middle of all the mess – here is what I know to be true: we were never meant to do any of this alone.

*The Memorial Centre has implemented the REP, so everyone attending (12 and over) must be double vaccinated or provide a negative test.