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My sweet muffins, your challenge if you choose to accept it, is to spread some JOY. 

October is right around the corner and we’ve got a plan to guide you through the month and keep us all connected – the #jodyjoy challenge. 

The focus of this challenge is centered around community and gratitude with the intent to make everyone’s days just a little bit brighter and remind us that we’re all in this together.

The challenge consists of four weekly tasks and your only job is to follow along and spread some joy. 

Weekly Tasks:

  1. Start the wave
    • Hands are meant to be waved, so let’s use them! From your front porch, out your car window, or while crossing the street, simply acknowledge everyone you see with a friendly wave and watch the magic unfold.
  1. Give away the good
    • Did you know that compliments are free and should be given out daily? Bringing donuts into work or buying coffee for the person behind you in line are great options too – don’t hold back. We were meant to give it away. 
  1. Dress your space 
    • Show your community you know how to get into the fall or Halloween spirit! If we can’t be all together, let’s connect our communities with seasonal drive-bys!
  1. Share a joy gram 
    • We all just want to know that we matter. Your only job is to leave an anonymous hand written note for someone you don’t know, with a gentle reminder about why this world needs them. Deliver it however you like – via snail mail, under a windshield wiper, beneath someone’s front doormat or on someone’s desk…whatever feels right.

We’re kicking things off on October 4th with our first weekly task and we can’t wait to get things rolling! All you have to do is show us how you completed your weekly task by posting to social media with the hashtag #jodyjoy and tag @drjodycarrington If you don’t use social media you can always send us your photos / videos to

The real incentive is seeing joy ripple through our communities, but of course there will be sweet prizes too! Prepare your hearts for a serious dose of JOY, sweet ones. xo

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