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I love my work. I love writing. I love speaking. I love being a therapist. I love being on the road making magic with other powerhouse women. I love the challenge. I love the respect I get and the competence I feel. I even love all the heartbreak and self-doubt. You know what I don’t love as much? Motherhood. Blasphemous. I know.  

All I can ever remember knowing to be true as a little girl was that I wanted to be a mom. My expectation was that I’d love it as much as I thought I was supposed to. Turns out, without question, I love my children more than anything on this planet (including, if I had to choose, my personal husband). I think it’s vital to have women (and those who identify as women) at the table. We need an emotional language. We need voices who are better versed in empathy to lead, to mentor, and to transform archaic cultures – so we better start talking about how women can actually be allowed to love their work and motherhood. In that order. 

Along with any revolution, there will be revolt. There will be resistance. There will be guilt and shame. But I’m here for it all. Know this: there is a big difference between not being in love with motherhood while still being an absolutely competent and capable mother who loves their children. It’s okay to do both. If we give women permission to fully come to the table, with all of the emotional language, all of their insights and brilliance, encouraging the amplifying of voices and vulnerability it will take to be great leaders, this could be the healthiest, most connected generation that kicks the shit out of a mental health crisis. Create workplaces that feel supportive, and engaged, and serve as soul-filling spaces is indeed what our relationships, and our children need now, more than ever. At the end of those days, we will walk away from our work with even more to give to our families, and our communities. That’s how legacies are built. 

Revolutionaries – let’s go. Allowing all of us to Feel Seen is our superpower. And there has never been a more critical time.  

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