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It’s time to play my favourite game: Expectations vs. Reality…Holiday Edition! December is so full of delight, but only if we let go of perfection and choose joy. Remember, the unfiltered version of Christmas is where the best memories are made. 

Here we go, friends. 

Expectation: Immaculate holiday décor with the most exquisite ornamentation. You are the Christmas Queen of Pinterest and every corner is a heavenly winter bliss. 

Reality: Decorating takes a fair bit of organization and set-up. Lights tangle, items break, things are lost, trends change, people are chippy, and Christmas trees may lack the exemplary embellishments as seen in Good Housekeeping. 

Expectation: Abundant and expensive gifts. Everyone gets something beyond their wildest dreams, including yourself. The joy in the room is palpable. 

Reality: Not everyone gets what they want from Santa, and grapes cost $18 right now. Repeat after me: the love is in the giving, not the cost. 

Expectation: Joy and togetherness. Everyone is happy. Days and days of family cohesion in front of a cozy fireplace, sipping eggnog after caroling through the wintry neighborhood. 

Reality: Close quarters, unresolved tensions, dysregulated kids, no routine, long travel days in terrible weather. Uncle Jerry had it comin’. 

Expectation: A festive holiday meal with all the trimmings. Gravy from scratch, fresh buns out of the oven. Grandma’s recipe. Sporting a cute apron, hair and makeup on-point. 

Reality: There is a lack of focus in the kitchen, due to many distractions. Still have not showered at 3 pm. Beautiful food takes an incredible amount of work, can be complicated.  

Holiday perfection…it only exists in the movies, folks. You have everything you need right now to make spectacular holiday memories. Lean into the messy and chaotic, be present, or you just might miss it. We’re all on the same snowy ride. 

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