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December is a beautiful, chaotic time. Full of joy but also expectation. My only wish is for everyone to put that all aside and find a sense of home this month. But not in the way you might think.   

You see, home has nothing to do with place. It has nothing to do with square footage, décor, or who has the prettiest tree with the most presents. Home is just a feeling. Let’s take the word “home” and rethink and reframe it and establish this: Home is about connection. 

Here are four ways to create a sense of home during the holidays: 

Reconnection. The healthiest souls on this planet are always in a state of reconnection. To your “why” and your breath. Remember the things, people, and processes where you are at your best will always bring you home. 

Rest. Do this one on purpose. Home is about rest, sleep, rejuvenation. Schedule intentional “downtime”. We must go away (even in our minds) so that we can return with a fresh perspective. 

Joy. Joy and happiness are two different things. How many moments of joy can you string together in a day? Be deliberate and relentless in your pursuit of it. 

Gratitude. The ticket to joy, your way home. It’s a practice. The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it. Most importantly, it’s not an end game. You can be thankful and demanding of what you deserve. 

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