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Teachers These Days is FILLED with heartfelt happies and heartbreaking hurts. I connect with the theory-into-practice way that it is set up and I appreciated the voices of the others in their raw, poignant stories.

Barbara Gruener,Counsellor & Character Coach

Oh, Sweet Mother. THIS. THIS IS WHAT TEACHERS NEED RIGHT NOW. TO READ THESE WORDS. Thank you. We love the stories. It honours the work and experience of educators while providing a familiar context to all teachers. The section on grief is captivating and visceral and beautiful. Thank you, both, so much for sharing this work, your words and your wisdom.

Meghan Reist & Shelley SmithVice Principals

When I first heard about Dr. Jody Carrington's new book, Kids These Days, I couldn't wait to read it. Once I opened the cover to begin, I couldn't stop reading this heartfelt informed celebration of children and those who love them. This beautiful book is wrapped in deep regard for children and all of those who love and care for them. As an educator, I believe that this book must be in the hands of all teachers. Written with such respect for our profession, Jody offers the research and tools that will help us to translate HOPE into action that will honor our children.

Mary C. Howard

Without a doubt the best book a teacher can read. I enjoyed every minute of this book and I am suggesting it to every teacher I know. This author recognizes what it means to have kids in our classrooms every day and the struggles and exhaustion we face. I love that she says the work we do is "holy work" because indeed teachers matter and they have a huge impact. Thank you Dr Carrington for writing this book. I shook my head in agreement through EVERY passage. I highly recommend this book to all teachers, parents and caregivers of children

Rebecca Hope