Feeling Seen: Reconnecting in a Disconnected World

About the tour

That’s right, we are taking this show on the road in 2023 – a national tour (without the bus – we’re not that cool yet) dedicated to the release of my new book, Feeling Seen.   

But my friends, this is not your average book tour. And I know, from the bottom of my soul, that this is something we all need right now.  

This tour is about connection. It’s about Feeling Seen. It’s about how we got so lost in this experience of being human – and how we can find our way back home together. Each of these nights, in each of these cities, for at least a couple hours, we’ll dive right into the beautiful cycle of emotion, acknowledgment, and reconnection.  

Full disclosure: I will rip your hearts out, and then I will put them back together. There will be laughter, joy, inspiration, calls to action, and a lot of levity in these amazing eight cities, in small, close-up venues. Tickets are ON SALE NOW!

TICKETS WON’T LAST. Get yours today. Xo


Toronto | January 28 | Glenn Gould Studio | 7 PM  SOLD OUT

Halifax | February 1 | Bella Rose Arts Theatre | 7 PM  SOLD OUT

Vancouver | February 4 | The Cultch’s, York Theatre | 7 PM  SOLD OUT

Saskatoon | February 11 | Broadway Theatre | 2 PM  SOLD OUT

Saskatoon | February 11 | Broadway Theatre | 7 PM  SOLD OUT

St. John’s | February 20 | LSPU Hall | 7 PM  SOLD OUT

NYC | March 14 | Foley Gallery | 7 PM

Winnipeg | May 15 | Museum of Human Rights | 7 PM  SOLD OUT

Calgary | May 24 | Martha Cohen Theatre | 7 PM  SOLD OUT

What to Expect

Tickets for each tour stop are $75. With your ticket purchase you will receive:

  • A signed copy of Feeling Seen
  • A photo op with Dr. Jody Carrington
  • A whole lot of inspiration to fill your soul

The book tour was SO good for the soul. I loved every moment of it. So much resonated with me.

Monique R.

Inspiring words and stories - acknowledge, appreciate, and find the joy! Thank you Dr Jody!

Silvia S.

Such an amazing time being inspired by you, Dr. Jody Carrington!!! Thank you for validating and bringing us all back to what truly matters in this world. I believe all of your dreams will come true! The world needs you xo

Jennifer B.

Because we were never meant to do any of this alone.