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Feeling Seen: Reconnecting Relationships in a Disconnected World  

Oh, friends. If you could see the smile on my face. 

Feeling Seen: Reconnecting Relationships in a Disconnected World is available this month for presale. When Harper Collins approached me with the opportunity to publish a book with them, I almost threw up. But I also knew, deep down, that this book had been percolating in my head and my heart for years – just waiting to bubble up and overflow onto those pages. Well, after months of wrestling with my own thoughts, doubts, and ideas, it’s finally here, and I cannot wait to share it. 

Feeling Seen examines how and why humans are so disconnected right now, worse than we have been in the history of the free world. I look at how we got so lost, and all the soul-ripping contributions to a disconnected world. Then, together we decipher a road map back home, back to each other to discover how the simple act of acknowledgment can change the world. And then I unpack the hardest part: when we (inevitably) lose our way again.  

Feeling Seen covers a range of pertinent topics – from relationships and emotional regulation to trauma and grief. I talk about the unbelievable costs of colonization, racism, and marginalization. We’ll dig into the real reasons for extra marital affairs and why so many feel invisible in their workplaces. And finally, how empathy and acknowledgment are our most valuable and untapped resources. 

Feeling Seen offers revolutionary reconnection practices – what it really means to “do to the work” and connect to your people, yourself and your purpose. I’ve never been this sure of anything in my whole life. Because we look all the time, but we don’t see. We listen, but we don’t hear. In this world where there is so much noise, we’ve been missing, more and more these days, the thing that matters most: we were never meant to do any of this alone. 

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