I’m happy for you to quote my work as long as it is appropriately attributed and not used to imply that I’m endorsing you, your work, or your ideas. If your plan is to use a larger excerpt from my work, please email me in advance for permission.

Credit should include full name and book title e.g. Jody Carrington, Kids These Days: A Game Plan For (Re)Connecting With Those We Teach, Lead & Love, 2019.

All of these would be correct/appropriate:

  • Jody Carrington, PhD, [insert book title]
  • Dr. Jody Carrington, author of [insert book title]

If not quoting directly from a book (e.g. from a talk, interview or blog post): Jody Carrington, PhD.

You are welcome to use any of the quotes on the Downloads page on drjodycarrington.com to reproduce and enlarge as posters for use in your workplace, classrooms, hallways, etc. They may not be sold for commercial gain, but you can certainly share them with your friends, students, and co-workers!


I’m thrilled each time my work is shared and discussed in an academic or teaching environment as a supplement to an established course. Please use an appropriate attribution. There should be no implication that I am endorsing the course.

In order to teach any of Jody’s work, you must become a Certified Carrington Network Facilitator. To find out more about the Carrington Network for Educators, please visit its website.

Yes, please! All videos linked off this website are covered by an open access license intended to encourage non-commercial circulation of my work as widely as possible.


I love when someone loves my work enough to want to share it with the world. But it’s important to me that my work is shared in ways that are consistent with my beliefs. So, please, don’t use my quotes, name, or image for commercial gain.
In order to avoid confusion, I don’t provide permission to use my quotes, name, or image in conjunction with commercial businesses.

Yes, please! I think that Kids These Days, or any of the “sweary” mugs, shirts, or pins would make an excellent teacher gift 😉 Check out the Jody Shop for ideas.

Last updated: September, 2019.