Having a safe place to land in this world – a community where the hard conversations can happen and we can fill up our souls in this disconnected world – seems to be increasingly difficult to come by. So, we decided to make one. We’ve called it Everyone. And we would like you to be a part of it.
See, as Marti and I travel this world more and more, we are continually struck by just how lonely so many of us feel these days. Social media has it’s own challenges, so we are going to create a space, just for us where we can land off of mainstream social media. You can expect a tonne of free resources (including courses!), regular interaction from ME, and the place to find everything that we are doing and hoping to do in this world. Great conversations, lots of laughs, and a supportive community where Everyone is welcome – that’s the plan.
I’ve been missing a place to truly connect and get to know this community of people who are doing their best to make this world a better place. Stop by in the link below, stay a while, throw in your thoughts and wishes. I can’t wait to grow this space – with you!