There's always something to look forward to.

STAYLIT reminds all of us—educators, parents, communities—that we are #BraverTogether. 

We will talk all things trauma, mental health, joy, and staying connected with our teachers and each other in our communities as we come together, braver than ever, and walk each other home.

Sisters, mothers, best friends, and daughters, or anyone who identifies this way—this day is for you.

We know that “brave” means doing something with your whole heart, especially when you can’t predict the outcome. In the mess of all the disconnect and uncertainty, we will be reminded that we’re never meant to do any of this alone, especially the things that require the biggest courage.

If you’re a teacher, an educator, or a leader of children, any age or stage, this day is for you. You will meet some of the bravest souls I know to help you celebrate the holy work of education and talk all things trauma, loss, relationship, and most importantly, joy. 

We will bring all the inspiration, hope, and strategies you will need to step back into the classroom, braver than you’ve ever been.

HELLO HERO! This day is for all of you—police, fire, EMS, emergency dispatchers, prison guards, nurses, and physicians. We will talk trauma and burnout, resilience and recovery in a day like you’ve never seen, for people who do the work that few can imagine.