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The month of March has seen some shifts. Slowly (painfully for many) but surely, we’ve shifted into spring up here in Canada. Boldly and confidently we’ve shifted our focus towards reconnection and the female energy we need at any successful table – celebrating achievements, raising awareness and breaking glass ceilings. March might be ending today, but let me assure you, we’re only getting started.

Together Braver, our next reconnection revolution event taking place May 8, 2021, is all about female energy and building a community of empowered souls. It is my honour to introduce you to nine incredible women who will be leading the charge that day, and who I have the privilege of sitting at the table with: Clary Chambers, Rachel Mielke, Savvy Simon, Jillian Harris, Fortune Feimster, Cheryl Foggo, Chau Lui, Dez Melenka, and my Marti Piller. Each woman has a beautiful, powerful, unique story. The tie that binds is that we share a common purpose – to foster reconnection through vulnerability

The time is now to bring women together to use our skill in connection – we need female energy and the emotional language that often comes with it, to take a seat at the head of the table. Dream big. Be fearless. This day is meant for you to see your story in ours.  In the mess of all of the disconnect and uncertainty we’ve created a safe space to talk about hard things and remind each other that we are #bravertogether.

Embrace the shifts, and choose to challenge and rise. Use your voice because now, more than ever, we need to talk about our emotions. It’s about showing up and shining your light.

Grab your ticket and rise with us. All 10 of us can’t wait to reconnect with you on May 8th.

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