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Educators, my sweet educators. How many of you are taking the time to chill out this summer? I mean, seriously chill out. The complete opposite of your September to June modus operandi. No alarm and lots of sleep, limited schedule and commitments, some indulgence and downtime to feed your mind and body the things they need to feel full

We must “do” good rest in order to “do” good work.

Teachers, you got into this game with the intention of shaping minds, filling hearts, and uplifting the next generation so that they can do great things for humanity. How do you expect to uphold that incredible responsibility if you don’t give yourselves the same grace and care you give your students? 

If the big people aren’t okay, the little people don’t stand a chance.

In his New York Times essay, “The ‘Busy’ Trap,” Tim Kreider talks about the importance of idleness, how it is “a necessary condition for standing back from life and seeing it whole, for making unexpected connections and waiting for the wild summer lightning strikes of inspiration—it is, paradoxically, necessary to getting any work done.” 

Creativity does not flow to the burnt out, the exhausted and the overcommitted. A tired soul is not an inspired one. Sweet ones, my advice to you: don’t miss it. Don’t lose your August in preparation for September. Like our pal Kreider says, being idle isn’t an indulgence. He says rest is as necessary for brain function as vitamin D is for body function, and idleness is something we must not deprive ourselves of.

We’re all guilty of it. Who has two thumbs and a very hard time saying no to all the things? This gal, right here. I am busy, always SO busy. Sometimes I have to stop the crazy train and ask myself, “Which of these obligations are self-imposed, and which are absolutely critical?” And then I ask myself the harder question, “Is there something I am scared to face in the absence of my busy schedule?” 

And you beautiful educators—you are on the goddamned ball. As ambitious lovers of learning and doing, you likely jammed August full of September prep, elaborate play dates, bouncy castles, personal development, random things like archery class, summer camps, DIY projects, and suddenly you’re suffocating and it’s back-to-school and your plan of internal restoration has been blown to external pieces. 

It’s insidious, the busy trap. Especially in a post-covid world in which we’re diving fervently back into all the activities we missed. But my friends, please don’t miss it. Step back and take the necessary time to recharge and reconnect this summer. Let go of the urge to fill your day, forget the societal expectation to achieve and accomplish and prioritize doing nothing. I promise, your soul will thank you.

RELIT 2021

Keep it simple this summer. And as September approaches, let us prepare your hearts to step back in, braver than ever. If you’re a teacher, a parent, or a leader of children, any age or stage, this day is for you. You will meet some of the bravest souls I know to help you celebrate the holy work of education and talk all things trauma, loss, relationship, and most importantly, joy. RELIT 2021 will be one for the books! 

Tickets and details can be found right here. 

See you there my friends. Xo.

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