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It’s time to embrace these last few days of this unforgettable year, sweet ones, and look after each other as we slide the heck out of 2020. It’s time for our third annual DECEMBER (RE)CONNECTION CHALLENGE!!

Are you up for it? I promise you, there will be a whole lot of joy sprinkled in too. Buckle up, my friends, this 23-day challenge is all about connecting in, out, and around, and starts on Tuesday, December 1st. 

We’ve carefully put together one small, right, kind thing for you to do every single day. Think of the calendar as your guide to joy, mindfulness and gratitude to walk you right into the holidays. Some of you are #drjodychallenge veterans and some of you are new to the game. We are so much braver together, so we hope you’ll join us!

We’ve included the rules below or you can download a printable version here.

Here’s the deal

Every day (yes, EVERY day) we have a small task for you to complete, designed to ground you. If reminding you daily that you’re amazing isn’t enough, there will be PRIZES! I’m talking weekly prizes to keep you in the game, and a bitchin grand prize full of Dr. Jody swag which may include a certain favourite gold heart necklace of mine that sold out in 12 minutes…. 

This year I want to emphasize the power of coming together as a community – we weren’t meant to do any of this alone, so we’re upping the ante for those who participate as a team! Gather your people (your staff, your school, your family, your office mates, your shift crew) – virtually or in the same space, pick a team name, tag us every day in your posts, and make sure to #yourteamname, and, based on creativity and participation, one team will win Rockstar Status STAYLit tickets for EVERYONE on your team!

What is STAYLit you ask? It is our community focused virtual conference happening January 30, 2021. We are in need of connection, inspiration and hope now more than ever, and this day is fixing to do all of that and more. 


  1. Share a picture of you completing the daily challenge
  2. Hashtag #drjodychallenge
  3. Make sure that your posts are public so that we can see your photo!
  4. If participating as a team, #yourteamname on every post too!

That’s it! At the end of the 23 days, ONE individual participant will win the Dr Jody grand prize, and ONE team will win STAYLit tickets! So, get creative with your posts, make sure not to miss a single day, and that winner could be YOU! And just for the record, you can participate as an individual AND as a team!

You better believe our sweet little team #TeamJody will be participating and posting daily right along with you. We’re your cheerleaders and biggest fans, and we can’t friggin’ WAIT to see all of your posts.

Ho Ho HO – Let’s GO!

Rules for Participating


  1. Share a picture of you completing the daily challenge
  2. Hashtag #drjodychallenge
  3. Make sure that your posts are public so that we can see your photo! 

As a Team 

  1. Choose a #teamname
  2. At least one person from your team must share a picture of someone completing the daily challenge (the more the merrier though…see what I did there?) 
  3. Hashtag #drjodychallenge
  4. Hashtag #yourteamname
  5. Make sure that your posts are public so that we can see your photo(s)!


Can I participate individually and on a team? 

YES! To be eligible as an individual winner you’ll need to ensure that you post daily on your account, but feel free to also participate with a larger team too!  

What if I’ve already purchased a STAYLit ticket?

If your team wins STAYLit tickets and you already have one, your ticket is nonrefundable;  however, you have the option to gift your ticket. 

Do the photos have to be posted on the actual date?

Yes. It is greatly appreciated and helps us with monitoring when they are posted on the actual dates. 

For Day 2, coffee is just hot water with beans right…? 

Sadly not! For this one day, you must take a break from all other beverages and consume only water. And others have asked if you have to consume ONLY water! Ummmm….no. We’re not trying to thrust you into intermittent fasting routines, you can EAT whatever you choose – your only drink this day is water. 

How do we post on Day 15 if there is no social media?

We recommend posting a photo signaling your 24hr break from social media either before it starts, or as soon as it ends. 

Is there a version of the calendar we can print?

You betcha! You can download the pdf from the ‘downloadables’ section on

If I miss a day, am I disqualified? 

You, of course, can continue with the challenge (we’d love that), but to be eligible for the prizes, you can’t skip a day. It is a challenge, after all!

How will you choose the winning Individual and Team?

All Individuals and Teams who complete each day will be in the running. Those of you who are the most creative in your participation, the most exuberant in your posts, the more you will inspire your community and US! For those of you on teams, make sure as many people on your team as possible post each day. Let’s create a movement of fucking joy with this challenge! 

When will you announce the grand prize winners?

Just in time for the holidays! We will announce both the Individual and Team Grand Prize winners on the morning of Christmas Eve, December 24, 2020! Jody will go Live to make the announcement and the winners will be contacted via messenger. 

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