2020 Reflections

2020, you bitch. I have a few things to say to you. So listen up. You brought pain and despair to so many. To this house alone, we’ve seen unimaginable illness and talked cancer, missed so many hugs, and shed many tears. You were also one of my greatest teachers. The biggest lesson: I. Won’t. Back. Down. This time last…

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Covid19 in Our Home

In our little province, on this big ol’ planet, Covid19 cases started to see a significant spike in the first two weeks of November. That rise saw two of our sweet team members test positive, which meant big changes in a short amount of time for our team, and my personal family. Worries for health and emotional well-being were immediate,…


December (Re)Connection Challenge

It's time to embrace these last few days of this unforgettable year, sweet ones, and look after each other as we slide the heck out of 2020. It’s time for our third annual DECEMBER (RE)CONNECTION CHALLENGE!! Are you up for it? I promise you, there will be a whole lot of joy sprinkled in too. Buckle up, my friends, this…