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March and IWD have me thinking. 

We’ve got a challenge on our hands. We’ve never been more disconnected than we are right now, making it harder than ever to figure out if we really, truly matter in this world. And the complexities of this disconnect don’t come with a set of instructions, a map, or even a funny YouTube video. The key to staying in the game? Spoiler alert—it’s something we’re already wired for. 

I talk about connection a lot. What if I told you I had the key to connecting to others and finding the capacity to express the emotions that we bury deep down in our souls? Well, in order to access that, we need access to an emotional language. How, pray tell? We can start by tapping into the Divine Feminine, an age-old energy that resides within us all.  

What is feminine energy?  

Feminine energy embodies a set of traits that are considered to be the opposite of traits associated with masculine energy. Our masculine sides show up when we’re pushing forward, getting shit done, making progress and striving for a goal. Our feminine sides are revealed when we move with the flow of life, express ourselves creatively, dance, collaborate, and attune to our sensual sides. This duality requires a lot of balance, regardless of gender identity, and both pieces must be nurtured for us to feel whole.  

It’s about the kiddos, too.  

This is not about penises or vaginas; it is about the necessity of developing an emotional language as we navigate the hardest challenges in life and grow the next generation of men and women. Currently, our culture tells us to raise our babies in very particular ways. Look no further than a toy aisle to see these glaring gender stereotypes in action! There is a noticeably clear “pink section” and a “blue section”—girls are supposed to play gently with babies and Barbies, while boys are given loud trucks and rammy dinosaurs.  

We tell our girls to be accommodating and our boys to take charge. But oh, how our girls need to feel empowered to be bold, tough, and powerful! And our boys need to feel like it’s okay to be tender, soft, kind and calm. These are all critical human traits, not gender specific. Let’s change the way we think about what it means to be a woman and what it means to be a man and focus on creating a safe space to talk about how we feel so that we can stay connected.  

The future I predict for my daughter and sons when we have more female energy at the table, is that they’re going to be so much more connected than we are. Our only job, even in this state of disconnect, is to keep showing them how to do it and I’m confident they’ll be well on their way to phenomenal things.  

Tuning into our feminine energy—reflecting, listening, feeling, and reconnecting with yourself while leaning into vulnerability so you can find strength and your fullest potential. 

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