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Who’s feeling a little tender right about now? The never-ending pandemic has brought about a shitstorm of disconnect and it’s no wonder we’re feeling dejected with many frayed ends. If some hopeless exhaustion is settling into your soul, you’re not alone. There are so many boats in this storm. The safest harbour is sometimes when we bring our ships as close together as we can. We might be in different vessels, but we’re rolling in the same sea. Right here, right now, take a deep breath. Pause long enough to look around and see all that we’ve been through. And if you can, notice that our fellow wayward sailors are also tired. We must hold space first before we can rise up braver, together.

Pivot. The current buzzword that sometimes feels exhaustingly overused. Over the last year, however, we’ve pivoted in the way we connect with people, the way we do business, the way we educate our kids, and the way we operate our households. There’s no one right answer for how to navigate this new reality, but my hope is we can start to talk about the brightest moments of connection from your vantage point that have helped you stay afloat. What has this wild ride been like for you? We want to hear it, sweet ones. In fact, so many of us may even need to hear it. 

Strength is found in vulnerability and deep connection is found when you have the courage to open yourself up to another human. Our next reconnection event, Together 2021 on May 8th, is less than a month away! We promise to rock your socks. Or your pandemic sweatpants, whatever you feel like having rocked from the comfort of your living rooms. Our goal is to continue to build community and find strength by sharing stories and raising voices every day leading up to this event, this day, that I think is going to be life-changing. 

Here’s the idea  –  a #BraverTogether campaign where you, if you’re up for it, can share your pandemic connections with other souls who have been through just as much. Allow us to raise your voice by sharing your story on our blog and social media spaces so that we can start to see ourselves in each other. Every story submitted will be entered to win a ticket to Together, just in time for Mother’s Day!

What is your story? You might choose to share the heavy–the loss of a loved one without a funeral, a bad breakup, or just your current mental anguish. Or maybe your bravest chapter focuses on the bright stuff – a fabulous, socially distanced wedding or a brilliant new business idea. Our goal is to incite courage in others, raise the voices that aren’t being heard, and most importantly, spread the message that you are not alone.

To share your story with us, simply post a black and white photo of yourself along with a paragraph or two of a challenging time you overcame with the help of your people, and use the hashtags #BraverTogether and #Together2021 OR submit it to 

The heat from this dumpster fire is still hot on our cheeks, but that doesn’t mean it gets the best of us. Your story, your words, will remind others that we’re #BraverTogether and might just be the light at the end of the tunnel for someone else. You can’t address what you don’t acknowledge. I hope you join us on May 8th. There is strength in vulnerability, my friends, let’s embrace it together.

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