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I was wildly honoured when asked to be a guest chef at Lacombe’s most delectable restaurant, Cilantro and Chive, in support of their “Burger of the Month” program. September’s burger theme was “Eat Your Feelings” – how could I resist? 

Naturally, my creation was inspired by poutine. I’m talking cheese curds, Scholing’s fries, candied bacon, chipotle, and onion rings – heaven tucked between two pretzel buns. The best part was that $2 from every burger sold went directly to my charity of choice, Avery’s Legacy, an organization that supports newly bereaved parents. We raised $2,304, which felt about as good as my burger tasted.

The heartbreaking story behind Avery’s Legacy has weighed heavily on my heart for many years. On March 9th, 2017, little Avery laid down for a nap at daycare and never woke up again. She was just 13 months old. 

Avery was pure joy, and the centre of her amazing parents’ universe. The grief and sadness these two remarkable souls have withstood after losing their babe is beyond me. And what’s more, these parents turned their loss into a legacy for Avery. They started an organization to support families suffering through the same thing, connecting through kindness in her memory. 

So much of this life is having to go through it. There’s no way around it. Just remember sweet ones, we are wired for the hard stuff, we are wired for connection. Hold your loved ones extra close today, in Avery’s honour.

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